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What major has the most students?

2021.09.20 07:34 isyei What major has the most students?

title!! I’m just curious cause I’ve heard many different things about this around campus and am wondering what you guys think!! IRL I’ve heard different people say that computer science, business, psychology, and biology are the biggest majors in the school.
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2021.09.20 07:34 oldyounggie Pringles aren’t good at all. Probably among the worst of potato chips.

It tastes nothing like how potato chips should taste like. Doesn’t even have a potato taste to them unlike Utz, Lays, etc. Tastes so fake and dry like you’re eating paper. The flavored ones are only slightly better because of the flavor and not because of the actual chips themselves.
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2021.09.20 07:34 cosmicgoku test

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2021.09.20 07:34 AlfieSelmon Men are superior to women

When it comes to having a dick
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2021.09.20 07:34 HydroCarra [OC] I mean. I saw the C +10 and a better S but forgot to screenshot so

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2021.09.20 07:34 user12435687 Audi Q3 Good Vehicle For Our Winters?

Hi everyone! Was wondering if there are any Audi Q3 owners living in Alberta and wanted to know your experience with winter driving and just overall maintenance/ major issues if any with the Q3?
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2021.09.20 07:34 Sadiebsh23 Favorite chunky sweater / cardigan recommendations?

What the title says! I realized I don’t have that many sweaters for fall / winter. Would love to hear your recommendations.
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2021.09.20 07:34 Legitimate-Leg-6886 https://t.me/joinchat/tvUYTP6E2ZQ0NDE0

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2021.09.20 07:34 LadyOrlando5 Have this home grown Black Forest.

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2021.09.20 07:34 cameronhaynes This is the first chapter of my story is my pacing to face and is there anything I can do better in

I gasped for air as a sudden jolt runs through my body. I sit up as quickly a possible confused at where I am. The school's title floor was now replaced with a damp rough surface. Looking around I see that I'm in a cave dimly lit by glowing red crystals. Glowing crystals? I decided to get up and touch it but as I walked over to it and reach my hand out to touch one of the crystals as my hand got closer I could feel the extreme heat emanating from the crystal. I quickly retracted my hand to avoid getting burned. Even though I didn't touch I could almost feel it wasn't a regular light that was powered by electricity but by something else. Hold on, no getting distracted by the crystal that's not important right now what is important figuring out where I am. I looked toward the front of the cave to see a bright light. As I began to leave the cave I stopped suddenly when a black box appeared in front of me blocking the entrance. I watched as white letters started appearing across the box. "please touch the box and prepare for world synchronization" It was like I was being drawn toward it. I reached out and put my hand on the box It felt like cold glass under my hand like a floating screen. Suddenly I tried to pull away as a black freezing cold flame enveloped my hand moving all the way up my arm I tried my hardest to pull away but I couldn't get free. The flames soon reached my shoulder quickly crawling up my neck. Once it enveloped my head all I could see was a black void. After a few seconds, my body was fully covered in flames. Fuck I'm cold! After about 20 seconds. Suddenly flashes began to run through my head forcing knowledge into me it clearly didn't give me everything just what I needed things about this world, it's people, my skills and most importantly. My enemy. As the world faded back in, I fell to my knees pressing my hands into the damp wet grass as I looked up, I noticed I was no longer in the cave. Instead of being greeted with a dimly lit enclosed space I was greeted with a vibrant and endless forest. I decided to check my map to check where I am and where I'm going. I opened the map like it was an extension of my body barely thinking about it as a detailed map of the appeared in front of me. I noticed that I spawned near a village I guess I'll head there first. I wonder if I found any nekos would they let me pet them. Now that I think of it, I remember this weirdo who was obsessed with cats I wonder whatever happened to him. After about twenty minutes of walking, I notice a few medieval styles houses that look surprisingly normal like the ones you'd see in my world. Also, the people who live here look as though they came straight from a fantasy world which I mean I guess they do. Upon entering the village, I start getting fearful stares from the locals from people pulling their kids inside to people backing away slowly. I can smell it fear people are afraid of me why? I kept walking past trying my hardest to ignore their fearful stares. Why are they all staring at me do I have something on my face? As I continued walking, I turned a corner and passed close to a glass window, and saw my reflection. I stopped in my tracks as I saw the giant black mark taking up half of my face going from my left eye to the side of my head resembling a giant burn mark. As I inspected my face closer, I noticed that not only was my right pupil blue and my left pupil red but my pupils also had 4 straight lines one coming from each side in the shape of a cross. No wonder they're scared I look like a fucking villain. I get my class was demon but I didn't expect my physical appearance to change. They summoned me as part of the demon race but why would they spawn me in human territory. I need to get outta here a demon appearing in a human village will attract more attention than I need to leave right now. I made my way as fast as I could towards the edge of the village trying to avoid attention. I made my way towards the woods in an attempt to escape. "Hey, you stop" I hear a loud and firm voice say from behind me. I turned around to see five heavily armored soldiers all glaring at me I can smell a hint of blood lust and fear coming from them. "Stop right their demon," one of the guards said as he steps forward in front of the others. He was definitely the captain, unlike the others who were clad in brown leather armor each of them pointing holding a spear while he was ironclad in heavy metal armor resting his hand on the hilt of his sword barely even a smell a hint of fear coming from him. "Hey, hey calm down I um" I fumbled for something to say but in the end, I found nothing. This is bad Getting arrested as a prisoner of war in a country I know nothing about. Deciding that my only option was to run. I made a run for the woods behind me ducking under branches and around trees. I can hear the heavy footsteps of the soldiers behind me. I decided to use one of the abilities this world gave me. I stopped and turned around aiming my palm at the soldiers. "Hell fi-" I yelled before being cut off as the captain's weapon glows bright red and he quickly closes the distance and swings his sword for my neck. I jump back just barely dodging his blade. one of the spearmen charged me stabbing for my chest but unlike his captain he was slower and I managed to grab his spear. I attempted to snatch the it from him but before I could a second spearmen made a quick jab at my gut with the sharp end of his spear. I managed to grab the other spear before it stabbed too deep. As I struggled with these two, I noticed that the captain and the other guards are gone but I don't have the time to. I pulled the spear out and pushed the two away causing them both to stumble back taking advantage of this window I aimed my hands at both of them. "Hellfire" I said the words sparked flames in my hands and I sent them shooting out in a small stream of flames onto the guards setting them ablaze. They screamed in agony as there flesh crackled and burned and slowly turning and ugly color of pink and black the sweet smell of pain and fear filling the air mixing with the smell of burning flesh. I just killed to people I was just defending myself. I knew if i was to survive in this world I'd have to kill but I wasn't prepared. I noticed when I felt the stab wound in my side that it was healed only the blood remained. I heard footsteps approaching me thinking it was another enemy I grabbed one of the spears and pointed it the direction of the footsteps.
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2021.09.20 07:34 Significant-Ad-1655 The God slayer

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2021.09.20 07:34 icrosstrade TRADING 1MIL FOR 5$ ROBUX GC ( WILLING TO ADD 500K )

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2021.09.20 07:34 biologicalToilet About reliability

Hello. I have a question. I have an mtb that I use everyday for 10/15 miles. I have been using for the past six months, and the only thing I had to change is the front tube. Is this actually reliable? How often do you have to repair your bike?
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2021.09.20 07:34 NewsElfForEnterprise Sensex, Nifty Edge Lower As Metal Stocks Drag

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2021.09.20 07:34 No-Might5421 PiranhaBUSD | Launching Now | Safe Gem 💎 Locked LP 🔐 - BUSD Rewards - BSC Token, join us let's moon together 🚀

Perfect timing to join 🔥
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All legit - join TG and enjoy this loving community before you buy, LP locked 🔒 safe gem.
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2021.09.20 07:34 seferz Is ranked always bad?

OTP yuumi here, very old account but very little levels (started season 1, quit multiple years at a time and just came back last month to become a yuumi god, before that I was an OTP Vladimir, didn't do too great or bad...Low level account around 40s.) Over the past 30 days i've gone from no yuumi, to mastery 7 yuumi with frequent S-, S, and now S+'s ( in Draft.)
Playing soloqueue yuumi I got qualified into silver 3... And now I suffer such devastation that league doesn't even feel fun anymore. Every match has atleast 1 or more solo/duo sweat smurfs, that dominate so hard it feels like dota 2 punishment/penalty matches... So much toxicity over every little thing, plug pullers, afk ragers... Actual inters... Except... My team never gets the smurfs from diamond looking to stomp, I always get the 'trust me i'm a smurf, heres my account, i'm doing this build just for fun because I can't use this in my league.' --Which doesn't work...because the enemy smurfs are actually playing for keeps because low-level tears is what they like to drink.
I'm just wondering... How do you avoid the smurfs? How does anyone advance in ranked with the sheer amount of gods punishing you for even being under a tower and on your adc who equally cannot get within vision of them because they get 3 shotted after being only 1 level lower than them?
Am I facing these monsters because of how good I do in draft? ... As a support? Does it really think my S is the same as an adc S? (which I am told, are incredibly different because 'supports are super easy, everyone gets mastery 7 on a support.'
Or is silver literally just this toxic waste dump of smurfs and by not qualifying into gold I am forever screwed when it comes to rank play because smurfs refuse to leave these lower tiers?
P.S I know they are smurfs, not only from the insane playstyles, but because I ask at the end and they tell me yes...a few even link their mains with pride -_-.
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2021.09.20 07:34 rilakkuma99 how to not flirt with zen??

my fingers keep slipping, I can’t help it. I love this man too much 😭
I haven’t been on his route since like… 4 routes ago, but heck I feel like I’m dangerously close to messing up each time by picking his answers lmao
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2021.09.20 07:34 cowmannnn What’s that one book to stop you masturbating

Admitting I have a problem (on my alt)
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2021.09.20 07:34 Jumphump11 Wattson buff idea🤔

They should buff Wattson by putting her gen on her back then giving her 25-50 gradual sheids over-heal and buffing her movement speed as well as the gen still blocking enemy grenades and ults. Have it last like a minute and half and the over heal will go away after 2 and half. Thoughts opinions?
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2021.09.20 07:34 Ayroplanen Anyone ever use their GI bill at Institute of Culinary Education?

Hey all,
I'm looking at using my GI bill again (already did one bachelors with it). And I was looking to use it at Institute of Culinary Education in Los Angeles. Do you guys (or any of you who have done a culinary program like this) still get MHA with this type of program? It would be 4 days a week, evenings 6-10pm.
But since there aren't credits and hours, how would MHA be calculated? Do you still get 100% or does it get adjusted since it's a single class?
Tried googling a bit and couldn't really find information on this. Gonna' give the school and the VA a call tomorrow though.
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2021.09.20 07:34 Nikivai Guided De novo Assembly

We performed a plasmid sequencing to determine/verify the insert sequence. After sequencing, we did de novo assembly on the short-read data with Velvet and Spades. However, both generate data shorter (max 2 kb) than plasmid length (~9kb).
How can improve the assembly process? Can I use the known sequence of the plasmid as a guide? If yes, which tool is appropriate for that approach?
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2021.09.20 07:34 ClawxYaBoy Fight between bros haram, Jihad against L*cs halal

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2021.09.20 07:34 Hwallya Steam deck outside

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2021.09.20 07:34 mxndaynightmessiah some of my ocs, smackdown vs raw 2011 edition! - part 2 (link in comments)

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