Cannot find inner peace and move on

2021.09.20 06:11 Trekm Cannot find inner peace and move on

At the beginning of this year I became single and around February I decided to get on tinder, bumble, hinge and enjoy myself after being in a committed 2yr relationship. For the most part I truly enjoyed myself, have been on more dates that I can count with no intention of trying to get into a relationship but in late July I met a girl that I ended up liking so much. We went on 3 dates and on 3rd one we ended getting extremely close; hands down was best date I ever been on with someone. Before we met up for a 4th time she mentioned she needed to tell me something and that was that she had a “health issue” and wanted to let me know if I was ok with it and willing in making it work. I told her we should speak in person and and long story short we did, she was open with me and I said I was willing to make this work because we truly liked each other.
That convo was had the second to last week of August. That weekend she went to a close friends of hers wedding and things where never the same after. She didn’t even let me know she was back from that trip and she was just so cordial and distant, a complete 180 from the nice talk we had and fact that we where getting serious. I asked and tried to find out what was wrong but she just said she was going through a lot and the last Friday of August was last time she bothered to respond to me.
Since then she has basically ghosted me completely and have no idea what happened with her. I still have her on IG and she hasn’t been active at all either, it’s as if she disappeared from face of the earth. I been trying to move on but I just cannot find the way to do so. I met up with a girl last week and we’ve been on two dates and while it’s going well I cannot get the other girl out of my mind and as corny as it sounds my heart is just so infatuated still. I find myself thinking constantly of her and am starting to hate myself for not being able to move forward. I been trying to keep myself busy with friends and family on weekends but every single moment I am alone my mind immediately reverts to her and only her. I got a new job/promotion just last week, have friends who care and always involve me with plans, loving family but here I am finding myself feeling miserable. Idk what I need to do to move forward.
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2021.09.20 06:11 Senior-Resident-1592 nice

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2021.09.20 06:11 DiavoloKingCrimson I'll see goku in hell

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2021.09.20 06:11 Cool-Inflation212 Does UT offer free streaming services?

Does UT provide free streaming services (Netflix, HBO, Apple TV, etc.) for the Fall of 2021?
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2021.09.20 06:11 prodse8ek [FREE] gunna x young thug x lil baby type beat "my window"

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2021.09.20 06:11 100memers Context: the emoji was in "This video will accurately guess your age" by ContANT.

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2021.09.20 06:11 Client-Timely 2 ads I got

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2021.09.20 06:11 RalphWaldoPickleCh1p “Wouldn’t want anything to interfere with your baptism, would we Alina?”

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2021.09.20 06:11 fly214573 Join

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2021.09.20 06:11 john_kendrick John Kendrick - Time (Instrumental Version) [Dark Synthwave]

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2021.09.20 06:11 wtarsars- Does anyone know what the grey box is?

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2021.09.20 06:11 Traviliciouz WFT Team Names Poll

I'm an Eagles fan, and I was curious as to what your choice would be for the name of the new team name for Washington out of these? (these are my top 5)
View Poll
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2021.09.20 06:11 FlimsyLight Peavey 6505+ 1x12 Combo Too Quiet

I recently bought a 6505+ 1x12 combo used. I’m relatively new to tube amps, I owned a Hot Rod Deluxe a while ago, but like, I know nothing lol. Everything seemed fine at the store where I got it, but when I took it to band practice and started pushing it pretty loud, it seems way too quiet. All I’ve heard about this amp is that it’ll peel paint off walls with the post gain at 4. But my friend brought his practice amp, the Bugera V22, and it was noticeably louder than my amp with the post-gain at 10. It still seems to sound good, it’s just not very loud.
For anyone who has had experience with this amp, can you confirm that this is abnormal behavior? Any ideas on what the issue could be? I really appreciate any ideas, and I also appreciate y’all bearing with noob questions. Thanks!
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2021.09.20 06:11 pradyumnv Question: what are the food options for NS?

a couple days ago someone ask for Vegetarian options. I can eat meat except for beef, and hear that muslim food is the best, but I wanna know what is the most tolerable food.
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2021.09.20 06:11 lindseyyisrad420 Lady monsteras 🌱

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2021.09.20 06:11 gh0stIykisses what do i do? its my first time buying

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2021.09.20 06:11 majesticmoose9 Before I didn't have a ps4 or a ps5 . And now that I have a ps4 pro and get to play this amazing game. It became one of my favorite games and I'm glad I get to share this spectacular experience with you guys. Excelsior!

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2021.09.20 06:11 AsitAdkarYT Tips for sniping.

Basically the title, I've not used snipers that much and seeing some YouTubers land their shots perfectly makes me want to try it.
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2021.09.20 06:11 jlynec Question/Advice Regarding False Accusations

Hi everyone,
I am so glad to have found this sub. By the way, the following is much longer than I intended on writing - there is a TL;DR at the bottom.
I am part of a Club that is incorporated. We have a Constitution, By-Laws, etc. We follow Robert's Rules of Order for meetings, motions, well everything.
In our Constitution, there is a clear set of procedures for offenses. E.g., if a member assaults another member, they are to be immediately suspended at least until a Disciplinary Meeting is held by the Executive Committee, etc.
However, there is no clear procedure for psychological/behavioral offences.
There is a person on our Executive Committee (who I will call V from this point forward) who is in a clear conflict of interest with a member who committed a violent offence (I will call this person S).
V is actually S' parent. V obviously should not have been a part of the "hearing" that went on for S. Instead of removing themselves or being asked to leave, V spun this wild tale of another member (from hereon out "J") instigating the entire thing.
V has changed their story on multiple occasions, and has even gathered their family to say that J caused S to assault another member. These family members are also changing their stories from the night it all happened. However, the general membership has only heard the last story. Everything else was either brought up at the event or at the hearing, which was just executives.
Once it was apparent S was not being suspended, and that J was being blamed for the whole thing, I resigned from the executive. This is not the first occasion this has happened. J has a family member on the executive who is now purposely being left out of emails, chats, and meetings that involve said event.
Today, all of a sudden, the president says S was suspended immediately. There was apparently a vote (which never happened) that J's family member and I had a ballot in. This vote and our ballots are completely fabricated.
We can't figure out why, or to what end, but their entire story of J instigating S to be violent is also fabricated.
I have proof that their stories have changed multiple times and that the vote to suspend S never happened. I have yet to submit anything because I can't trust the executives - it would only allow V time to twist something around to theirs and S' benefit.
We also have multiple testimonies from previous executive members that show this kind of behaviour from V is commonplace.
What kind of recourse or disciplinary action can we seek here?
Thank you
TL;DR: person on executive committee is fabricating a story trying to blame their adult child's offense on another member, even involving their family to make false complaints.
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2021.09.20 06:11 808gecko808 PCHES PTA (PEACHES Kokua Hui) informed me today that we raised about $7,800 of the $15,000, so we are half way there. Yay! The last day to order online is Sept 20 Mon.

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2021.09.20 06:11 Kmoist18 AOC / Acer / Sceptre Budget UltraWide Monitor

Looking for some opinions for a budget UltraWide monitor. After looking through these forums and other sties for suggestions, I've narrowed it down to three choices, hoping to get some advice to help make my decision:
Acer Nitro XZ342CK:
Scepter C355W-3440UN:

Leaning towards the Acer since it has a speaker, but the I'm not sure what advantages the AOC has over it.

Thanks for any help.
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2021.09.20 06:11 redditprivacysucks Possible to download my card inventory data?

Is there a way to download your cards inventory data? Innkeeper is broken for me. I just want my data. What cards I have, how many of each.
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2021.09.20 06:11 DryMode313 if you got her n glt proof ill pay

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2021.09.20 06:11 ma_ma_maria they don't know how to self-soothe

based on my observation, i think majority of people from the old generation doesn't really know how to self-soothe.
once triggered, they go all in. and most of them, doesn't reflect well with what just happened, they just move on with their life and acting like it's a-okay.
it's sad and triggering to see them that way. and as an audience and a person inside the bubble, i try so hard not to react the same way they do.
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2021.09.20 06:11 kbreakeyy Have you ever crashed a party? How did it go?

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