My girl with her watermelon hat

2021.09.20 08:03 A_Potato_Artist My girl with her watermelon hat

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2021.09.20 08:03 smell-dog "mansplaining dysphoria"

this has been bothering me for months & i just gotta get it off my chest...
i am a trans man. for a long while i identified as nonbinary but after starting hrt i realized i am not. im pretty "masculine presenting" & im happy that way
a while ago i was hanging out w a friend of many years who recently came out as nonbinary & a friend of theirs who is also nb. we hung out all day & got a little drunk together & were walking around shooting the shit & i said something complaining about wearing my binder & when mutual friend said something like "quit bitching" i said something like "ah you dont get it".
& my friend of many years is like "wow X is literally trans are you really mansplaining dysphoria haha"
i just brushed it off with some joke but ngl this has bothered me a lot... like i know we are all under the trans umbrella here but just bc we are all afab doesnt mean our experiences are the same. like both of you go braless in tank tops all day clearly there is not the same level of dysphoria here. being nb is not the same as being a trans man.
& im not a transmed i have no issue w nb people & i am not like, a gatekeeper of transness. i dont care if somebody suddenly identifies as trans. nb people are valid. dysphoria isnt like a "requirement" of being trans. however, somebody w little to no dysphoria is not gonna exactly get the experiences of binary trans people with loads of dysphoria. just bc we're both trans does not mean our experiences are the same... and pretending we do is counterproductive. we have different needs.
it just gets under my skin bc they dont understand how it feels to have to bind my chest every day, stick my leg with a needle every week, put on a show at work & act as masculine as possible (bc i am stealth & work in an all male enviroment) & scrape every penny i can to afford top surgery bc if i dont get it soon im gonna kill myself.
i got really fired up about this tonight after i removed the tape off my chest & god it looked horrible. didnt feel good either. i'm not great at taping haha. i'm glad my friends can go through their life without having to deal with this. but they dont need to act like they know what it's like because they dont.
hope im not bitching too hard but i just wanted to vent & see if some people can relate !
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2021.09.20 08:03 pairustwo What's Mastering Got To Do With It?

I've been told that when it comes to ones system, the most dramatic improvement one could ever make to audio quality comes from listening to a better mastered version of a recording.
What is a good A/B test case that exemplifies this? What is an album that improved dramatically with a remastering?
What has changed in the listening or mastering worlds that would account for any improvement? Or Is it that some people are better engineers than others? Names like Bernie Grundman or Steven Wilson come up a lot.
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2021.09.20 08:03 squirreliron Subreddit that was just a bunch of bots simulating posts.

There were text posts made, and they were just bot created. Also there were comments also made by bots.
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2021.09.20 08:03 Gronker2 Poopy Papa

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2021.09.20 08:03 endofdaisies Between the Sun & Moon 2, Cleon Peterson, Oil on Canvas, 2021

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2021.09.20 08:03 Transeuropeanian US official urges EU to speed up enlargement

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2021.09.20 08:03 StationFrosty LoL! This is Love

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2021.09.20 08:03 KarmaKarmaKombucha For all the pop heads out there. This came to a head after a shower

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2021.09.20 08:03 beneficial92 Poop Music

he needs to delete everything that isn’t on this album
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2021.09.20 08:03 GTSBot [GTS] This picture.

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2021.09.20 08:03 Embarrassed_Hunter53 TRADING 1.7K ROBUX + NEON COW NO POT FOR A FROST DRAG

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2021.09.20 08:03 Additional_Key_2881 CANT FIND ANY MAMAMOO GC

hey soo I am very new to the fandom and I was thinking if there is a GC where I could learn new stuff and the inside jokes
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2021.09.20 08:03 ArmyofSpies Cardano's Next Leaps

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2021.09.20 08:03 district69family Social Lites 47.3k plus rapidly growing social active text voice call discord server

Social-Lites is an active rapid growing 47.3k plus SFW server you will find active vc/chats, hotgirls (divas) and welcoming staff, great members who are lots of fun, some of our hottest female models & staff alike, memes, a place to promote your social media platforms, events for nitro giveaways weekly & over 400 emotes so join us!!!
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2021.09.20 08:03 thepeopleschamp63 Do I have enough space for a 48" range and 48" or 60" refrigeration?

Hello People. I'm looking for some feedback/advice on a couple options that I'm considering for my kitchen remodel.
I have about 143" inches to accommodate refrigeration and a range.
Option one is to go with separate 30" columns and a 48" range, as much as we love the thought of this, we are concerned that it only leaves about 15" inches of counter space on each side of the range, is that practical?
Option two is go with a 48" side by side fridge/freezer combo and a 48" range, doing this would make it so that we have about 22" inches of counter space on each side of the range.
The last option is to step down the size of the appliances and go with a 42" side by side and or a 36" range, we rather not do this but sometimes feel like those sizes would be a better fit for our size kitchen
One area of concern is the space between the fridge and the peninsula, we would have about 48" inches, is that plenty of space?
Pictures Here -
Any feedback or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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2021.09.20 08:03 DaroR_20 Check out my latest NFT collection!

Hi everyone!
I am promoting this small collection that I started to sell, and it would help me a lot to continue creating NFT content if you support me! thank you and have a good day
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2021.09.20 08:03 dankgoy Can you get banned for using macros in a non cheating way?

Does anyone here know if you can get banned for having a macro program installed on you computer such as tinytask, even if you only use the program in non cheating ways such as moving while afk to prevent getting kicked?
I am asking because I guess you could use the program to have recoils scripts or something which would be cheating.
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2021.09.20 08:03 Standard-Fish1628 Game completion for tales of arise

Is there more story after completing the story? I just don't want to go to new game plus if there is alot I'm missing out on.
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2021.09.20 08:03 blue-pixie- When did you last feel close to danger

I knew in my bones the cops would pull me over because I have a headlight out and the streets are bare at 2am.
But he let me off with a written warning and I feel a sick satisfaction. I let myself sound dumb and nervous but I think it worked for me. 👍 Plus I lied about having insurance again!
I’m on a streak but I seriously need to fix that headlight
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2021.09.20 08:03 Hot_Willow_6694 Juppie

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2021.09.20 08:03 chercheur17 Every time

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2021.09.20 08:03 theconfusedone999 Even something that happened one second ago is history so news is practically not news

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2021.09.20 08:03 DaroR_20 Check out my latest NFT collection!

Hi everyone!
I am promoting this small collection that I started to sell, and it would help me a lot to continue creating NFT content if you support me! thank you and have a good day
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2021.09.20 08:03 123notfound meirl

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