is this luck for f2p… passed my first ever 20% legend pot scroll

2021.09.28 18:52 LeeJieunx is this luck for f2p… passed my first ever 20% legend pot scroll

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2021.09.28 18:52 Mato8848 Can someone help

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2021.09.28 18:52 exhindulady UP school makes kids wash their own utensils, keeps dishes of SC/ST students separately

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2021.09.28 18:52 KirbyPlanet1121 Name a prepubertal child you have romantic feelings for, and why?

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2021.09.28 18:52 zelmarcel Rehome resources needed for Chicagoland or greater Midwest

Hi Friends,
so, we have come to the very hard but necessary decision to rehome our dog. He was tied up outside for the first few years of his life, so he has stranger and leash reactivity BAD. He can get used to people from a distance, can't say for sure with other dogs or pets though.
A few months ago he had an incident with an unleashed dog. The other dog was tiny (my dog is a boxer-pit mix about 60 lbs), ran up to our dog persistently, and my dog bit him badly enough where since he was so small he had to be put down. Since then he is walked with his muzzle exclusively.
We live in a small apartment outside of Chicago, our landlord doesn't let us have him roam about the yard. He has to be on leashed walks only, which we realized later due to his history I'm sure aggravates his leash reactivity. We are having a baby in January, and after the incident with the small dog, we cannot say with 100% confidence that he will be safe around the new baby, and if we aren't 100% sure, we aren't being responsible. So if we keep him we will have to gate him constantly, and we are in such a small space we don't think that's much of an improvement over his old life. Of course he would be loved and not tied up and starved outside, but he deserves to be able to run. To thrive.
Basically, we aren't the best family or home for him. We wish we were. We wish we had a bigger space or more income to use on extensive training, and more time to work with him. We made a semi-rash decision in taking him, we didn't realize the extent of his reactivity and how he's not the best dog for a family pet, which he doesn't have to be to be a great pet for someone.
We "rescued" him from a friend who needed to rehome him after she took him in because he got loose from the yard he was trapped in. She offered at first to help us out and take him back but I guess her circumstances have changed and it won't work for her.
my husband has contacted various breed-specific rescues in chicago (chi-town pittes, animal care league, etc) but they are all full and have no fosters available. I'm scared to take him to a shelter cause he hates new people/enviornments.
He needs a home with someone with no kids (small ones at least, teens might be ok. He is great and sweetly bonded with our 11 year old (which is a whole other reason this shit is awful to have to decide to do) but we still are as careful as possible and don't leave her alone unsupervised with him), no other pets, and with a decent fenced in property. Doesn't have to be huge (would be a plus though!) but he needs to be able to go outside to pee and not be leashed while doing so. Poor dude needs a break.
If anyone knows anywhere location specific (we can travel, we got him from Detroit and my husband has family in Northern Michigan) that has a rehome resource, or any other organization that might be less crowded due to not being so busy like near the city, I will take any advice.
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2021.09.28 18:52 Kai0704 The Moon Lady, art by me

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2021.09.28 18:52 Intelligent_Ad_6531 Reorganizing how I hung all these and decided to show them off for the first time to someone besides a few friends and family.

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2021.09.28 18:52 phatchico 2001 Raleigh Grand Sport Road Bike to 2008 Argon 18 e80 Triathlon Bike

I know these are both old bikes but I am in the beginning phases of training for my first full Ironman. I completed a 1/2 over the summer using an old 2001 Raleigh Grand Sport Road Bike. I've been looking for pre-loved options and was able to find a 2008 Argon e80 TriBike. From what I was able to find the Raleigh is made from Steel (the whole thing weighs 28lbs). The Argon18 is made from Aluminum but am not sure on the exact weight (fork and frame according to an article I found is 2,145 grams/4.72 lbs). According to the seller it was used for a single triathlon and has very few miles on it. Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.09.28 18:52 BadGamesJules Mixing Every Tub of GFUEL I Own! Mixed 14 Flavors! Was it good? Was it bad?

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2021.09.28 18:52 NerdGirlPheasant lf a guardian lion!

Tell me what you want for it!
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2021.09.28 18:52 ShortAlgo $TISI Awaiting Short Signal 🐻. Stock Trading Ideas by UltraAlgo.

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2021.09.28 18:52 shanabailey Xiaomi UV Folding Automatic Umbrella for 14.85 USD without coupon (Best price in history: $15.19)

Here is the link (Aliexpress): Xiaomi UV Folding Automatic Umbrella
(Aliexpress coupons: )
Pretty good deal with big price discount.
You can also check other channels:

  1. FB group
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2021.09.28 18:52 LamarLovesPassingFoo Idk who this guy is but talk about big fucking truss… what a legend

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2021.09.28 18:52 mish20011 I just read the Volume 1 of the Fanbook and saw something about Arno

I never knew he was executed, did I miss the specific chapter on how he died? I just kept reading until suddenly he was gone and not mentioned.
Which part was he eliminated?
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2021.09.28 18:52 FunnyCovivo How do i fix my mouse pad

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2021.09.28 18:52 HopefulBathroom2172 Azelf Raid on me RIGHT NOW for 13 spots.

Azelf Raid on me RIGHT NOW for 13 spots.
Add below and make sure stay ONLINE!

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2021.09.28 18:52 Adam_bernard Why ?

Why All people Think it's hard to make money online ?
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2021.09.28 18:52 TrendingBot [TRENDING] /r/ActualPublicFreakouts - ActualPublicFreakouts (+993 subscribers today; 576% trend score)

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2021.09.28 18:52 Jimmy-Mac-471 How Ultron gets The Infinity Stones.

A question I've seen a lot of from What If fans are how Ultron gets the other 5 infinity stones. The recent trailer for episode 8 shows that Ultron, after gaining control of Vision and The Mind Stone, takes over Earth and somehow gets the other 5 stones. Another part of that question is how he would obtain The Soul Stone, as Ulton has nothing he could sacrifice at Vormir. Then I saw The Trailer, and it looks like he obtains the other 5 all at once, a shot of them all levitating and then connecting to his chest.
Then it hit me.
Who's the one person we saw wield those 5 Stones, who went to Earth in search of the 6th?
Pretty much everyone knows, it's Thanos. Thanos would obtain the other 5 stones, then just like in Infinity War, he would go to earth to collect The Mind Stone last. Ultron would somehow defeat Thanos and gain the other 5 stones from him.
It's not completely sound as there are one or two issues, such as how Ultron with 1 stone can beat Thanos with 5, and how Gamora wearing Thanos' armour comes into it all (perhaps Thanos found someone else to sacrifice, and Gamora took over his empire after Ultron defeats him). But it's the best I can come up with so far. Surprisingly I've been correct about a few major things in What If speculation so I'm fairly confident I have a fair chance of being right. On the other hand, I may be proven wrong very quickly when the episode airs tomorrow.
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2021.09.28 18:52 RentAdministrative73 Emerging Tomorrow

It would be great to get a really fantastic PR tomorrow from Cydy and then follow up with a stellar Emerging interview!
The only question is which one of our professional, stellar PR firms could write it and which nationally famous legal team could review it before its released?
It's so good to have nice things.
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2021.09.28 18:52 AlmostTried42 Such a good theme

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2021.09.28 18:52 ShortAlgo $NXPI Awaiting Buy Signal 🚀. Stock Trading Ideas by UltraAlgo.

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2021.09.28 18:52 alldoggylover Can I travel if “50 miles” distance hasn’t been met?

I have a lot of local travel assignments around me and was wondering if I am able to still apply? Most of them are in the 45 mile range :/.
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2021.09.28 18:52 internetuser239 Working and fasting

I tried fasting. I made it past 24 hours. I reached up to 29 hours and stopped, grabbed a bite to eat.
The reason is “lack of motivation”. Not lack of motivation to keep fasting but lack of motivation to do work; especially behind a computer. Is this normal? Can anyone give me thoughts to mitigate this lack of motivation to keep working?
Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.28 18:52 Prestigious_King_498 I really hate taking selfie’s. Hope you like.

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