Making a Meme out of Every Episode: Day 122

2021.09.20 06:44 Rohit_BFire Making a Meme out of Every Episode: Day 122

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2021.09.20 06:44 LolaReddits Bike Share promo codes?

My bike was stolen. Why can’t we have nice things. I give in, I’m going BikeShare. Anyone know any promo codes?
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2021.09.20 06:44 altruisticfox By all means, make yourself comfortable

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2021.09.20 06:44 DarkMasterSlayer What lights should I get for church stage lighting?

I need non-expensive lights for lighting my church's large stage. Any ideas? I would like moving heads on the front and back. Maybe some washes. I'm not sure if I need the washes to be moving or not. Any suggestions on good quality, non-expensive fixtures? Thanks!
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2021.09.20 06:44 Double_Infinite What can you explain better than Google?

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2021.09.20 06:44 waltdisney33 Walt also loved animatronics 7

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2021.09.20 06:44 xthroughxmourningx experimental alt rock band idea

Mathcore + The Beatles + Screamo + Jazz
Imagine it
Typical song structure of this band:
Nice little intro Calm singing verse EXTREME SCREAMO STYLE CHORUS Slow down Calm happy little verse Repeat
If you're a guitarist who can play in a mathrock/mathcore style, I'd like to have you on board.
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2021.09.20 06:44 phelyan Deviant Ollam, Optical Decoding of Keys | KringleCon 2019 [25:55]

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2021.09.20 06:44 trebor651 Search for Podcast episodes? Hi guys, when searching in spotify I could choose to click on "episodes" (Not Sure about the English Icon though, it was "Folgen" in German). This filter limited the search results to podcast episodes only. This icon seems now to be gone. Anyone else experienced this?

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2021.09.20 06:44 gerard963258 Drunk thoughts

I just had an epiphany that Durandal might be the real Kiana.
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2021.09.20 06:44 therealseawhale Being recognized by SMG4/Glitch Productions and their fans never fails to make my heart race. Thank you for making the SMG4 series so entertaining and amazing!

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2021.09.20 06:44 TheRealCondorKing Don't Throw Away Old Ideas(Dungeon Master Advice)

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2021.09.20 06:44 Jisan_009 What you think about ash.

Since most of people got him brawl pass and also available in boxes, a lot of players got what is your opinion on his kit?
View Poll
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2021.09.20 06:44 Lau_fu A los chicos les atraen más las chicas delgadas?

Tengo problemas de autoestima, no encajo en el estereotipo de la mujer perfecta y hermosa y eso a afectado mi capacidad de relacionarme con el sexo opuesto. Por mas que trabaje en mi autoestima y salud no logro sentirme bien conmigo misma. No tener un hermoso y esbelto cuerpo esta mal?
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2021.09.20 06:44 TheMob-TommyVercetti House Committee Acoustics of JFK's Assassination and Why It Was Wrong

I was looking through YouTube and found this nice video with Vox having an expert Berkeley college professor specializing in photograph forensics proving that the infamous backyard photos Oswald took were not fake as conspiracy theorists contended for the past couple of decades.
Now my issue isn't the video (it was really good and I recommend watching it) rather the conspiracy theorists brigading the comment section and touting off the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) that they "proved" a conspiracy regarding Kennedy's assassination.
Despite the fact that 99% of the House Committee's investigation literally corroborated with the Warren Commission (Oswald was the gunman, Kennedy was struck in the back with 2 bullets, supported Single Bullet Theory, the CIA, FBI, anti-Castros, Mafia, etc were not part of a conspiracy, etc)
The conspiracy theorists often tout off the HSCA's verdict of "As a result of a conspiracy" like a mantra in the video's comment reply sections with comments like:

The House Assassinations Committee said there was more than 1 gunman, a fact always left out by MSM.
Me and the House Select Committee on Assassinations who concluded that JFK’s death was probably the result of a conspiracy are just weirdos I guess.
Okay now explain why the House Committee's verdict of conspiracy?
...without really going into the history of the acoustic evidence.
I wrote a post about JFK's assassination on this community before as I touched upon the rebuked acoustic evidence in case if you guys want to read it. I've also come across new information about the acoustic evidence to make the post worth posting.
The Finding
Between 1977-78 the HSCA were in the final weeks of investigation regarding the assassinations of JFK and MLK (the finding that MLK was killed in a conspiracy was also refuted in another investigation). The committee found little to no evidence to convict any particular group involved in Kennedy's assassination and looked to the Dallas Police audio recordings which they discovered a police officer, H. B. McLain, had an open mic who was assumed to be near JFK when the shooting happened and recorded the 3 shots properly. The committee stated:
The HSCA concluded that Kennedy was only struck twice, by two of three bullets fired by Oswald from the Book Depository Building, and that the fourth shot, which they were 95 percent confident they had discovered acoustically and was supposedly fired from the grassy knoll, did not hit Kennedy or Connally.
Before getting into the conspiracy claims the Dallas Police had 2 audio channels for talking: Channel 1 was routine police radio traffic while Channel 2 was for special events in this the presidential motorcade. Channel 2 occasionally would go on or off and record other things being heard like in Channel 1 which can also go on or off. The Channels overlapped each other when the shooting started which lead a lot of static and words which resulted in the mistaken 4th shot discovery.
Conspiracy theorists don't like reading government reports and don't like to include the opposition in the Committee which heavily disagreed with the recordings:
Four of the twelve committee members-House Representatives Harold S. Sawyer (RMich.), Robert W. Edgar (D-Penn.), Samuel L. Devine (R-Ohio), and Charles Thone (RNeb.) vigorously disagreed with the HSCA's conclusions, contending that the panel rushed to judgment in concluding that a conspiracy existed. They felt that the lastminute acoustic evidence should have been studied more closely before drawing such a history-changing conclusion. (Bugloisi, Reclaiming History)
HSCA Member, Robert Edgar stated:
We found no evidence to suggest a conspiracy. We found no gunmen or evidence of a [second] gunman. We found no gun, no shells, no impact of shots from the grassy knoll. We found no entry wounds from the front into any person, including President John Kennedy and Gov. John Connally. We found no bullets or fragments of bullets that did not belong to the Oswald weapon. And we found little, if any, evidence of partnership with Lee Harvey Oswald. Few credible ear-witness accounts back up the marginal findings of our acoustics experts.
When Mr. Edgar means says "few credible ear-witnesses" there definitely were a huge lack of witnesses claiming to have heard 4 shots or more with 90% (of 178) of ear witnesses claiming that they heard 3 shots or less making many claims of X number of gunman/shots incredibly difficult to justify.
Nonetheless despite evidence to the contrary, the committee voted in majority that supported the acoustic evidence that there were 4 shots that day instead of 3. This was a godsend for conspiracy theorists which they proceeded to make even more claims that the CIA and FBI with the entire state of Texas were part of conspiracy to assassinate JFK.
Problems With the "Evidence" and Refutation of "Result of Conspiracy"
Problems with the acoustic evidence started to surface in the 1978 when Anthony J. Pellicano, president of Voice Interpretation & Analysis Ltd. in Chicago reviewed the HSCA's acoustic evidence which is excellently summed up by Vincent Buglosi in Reclaiming History:
Pellicano's report concluded that "the motorcycle with the open microphone on channel 1 was not part of the motorcade," and, therefore, "the noise impulses detected . . . were not shots." Pellicano's conclusions were based largely on the sound of sirens, which appear for the first time on the channel 1 open microphone recording more than two minutes after the presumed time of the shots. Pellicano pointed out that the sirens should have appeared immediately after the shots (not two and a half minutes later) if, in fact, the motorcycle with the open microphone was part of the motorcade, especially since Dallas police chief Jesse Curry said that the sirens were turned on after the shooting. Pellicano also noted that the sound of multiple sirens "increases [on the tape] in volume and then fades out as would be expected if the motorcade were approaching, passing, and leaving the location of the open microphone.
The verdict was, however, already decided and was concluded that the assassination of President Kennedy was a result of a conspiracy.
In 1982, however, the National Academy of Science reviewed the acoustic evidence and found a major flaw with the HSCA acoustic evidence; The HSCA assumed that officer H. B. McLain was in the plaza during the shooting:
Mr. WEISS: As I said, I assumed that the motorcycle would have been somewhere in the vicinity of microphone 4, for example, which was down on Elm Street in the experiment performed by Dr. Barger [another acoustic expert who thought he was 80-90 feet from the motorcade].
This was false. In McLain's sworn testimony to the National Academy (he didn't testify to the HSCA):
Now, the Committee staff Report says that I was from 80 to 90 feet west of Houston, westbound on Elm Street when the President was hit with the last shot. That's completely wrong! I never left Houston Street [250 feet away from JFK] until after the chief said for us to go to the hospital and for someone to check the overpass. The agent didn't get onto the back of the limousine until some seconds after the last shot.
Indeed, Epipolar Geometric Analysis by Dale Myers in 2007 used extensive photographic measurements on photos showing Officer McLain in which he concluded:
The result is a definitive photographic record of the last 40-seconds of President Kennedy’s life that demonstrates that no police motorcycles – including, Officer H.B. McLain’s – were near the area designated by the HSCA’s acoustic experts, and consequently, the committee’s acoustic evidence of a conspiracy in the Kennedy assassination is invalid.
Officer McLain nor any other police officer with an open mic were in a position to record the gunfire properly.
A series of statements made by police officers showed that the HSCA didn't synchronize the acoustics with each other properly.
The important phrase "You want me . . . Stemmons" were recorded on both the channels at the exact same time minutes after the assassination which provided reference for timing events on the two channels. However, when the National Academy did that and corrected the statements to fit the recordings in the orderly manner they found out that the 4th "shot" happened a minute after the assassination and couldn't have been the gunfire the HSCA claimed to be the 4th shot.
The National Academy concluded:
For the reasons discussed above and in the appendixes, the Committee on Ballistic Acoustics has reached the following unanimous conclusions:
(a) The acoustic analyses do not demonstrate that there was a grassy knoll shot and in particular there is no acoustic basis for the claim of a 95% probability of such a shot.
(b) The acoustic impulses attributed to gunshots were recorded about one minute after the President had been shot and the motorcade had been instructed to go to the hospital.
(c) Therefore, reliable acoustic data do not support a conclusion that there was a second gunman.
The report was corroborated by earlier studies on the acoustic issue by the FBI technical division, an IBM study by researchers Agarwal, Garwin, and Lewis of the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, and head of Dallas Police communications James C. Bowles who wrote a critique on the HSCA acoustic evidence stating that they literally could not hear any gunshot noises claimed by the HSCA as to them it turned out be radio frequency interference from the Channels. (Will link them below)
In 1988 the US Department of Justice reviewed the HSCA's upon hearing about the National Academy study and refuted the HSCA's claim that the assassination of Kennedy was a result of a conspiracy.
Resurrection of the Acoustic Issue and Conclusion
Now it sort of goes back and forth here. I apologize if I sound dismissive and not going into the details of the acoustic evidence in this part because of the fact that only 1 person, who isn't even an acoustic expert, tried to validate the HSCA claims which ended up ruining his credibility in the process.
After such a discovery conspiracy theorists went into cardiac arrest and died until the movie JFK was released which single-handedly brought back the JFK conspiracies (and Jim Marrs book Crossfire). In 2001 an entomologist and conspiracy theorist by the name of D.B. Thomas published a "review" on the National Academy claiming they made multiple errors regarding the study and Thomas inflated the percentage that there was a 2nd shooter from the Grassy Knoll to 96%.
Turns out that Thomas used a faulty timeline (well so did the National Academy, but it's claim that the "shots" happened too late still hold and the timeline of the phrases were negligibly off) and got phrases in the wrong timeframes as listed in this detailed critique of his work.
Thomas once again played hand again in acoustics writing a "peer reviewed" article trying to prove that there was a Grassy Knoll shooter. Now I couldn't his "peer reviewed" article, but he got refuted once again by a team of 5 acoustic experts who demolished his article. The report stated in the abstract:
This paper identifies serious errors in the Thomas paper and corrects errors in the NRC report. We reaffirm the earlier conclusion of the NRC report that the alleged "shot" sounds were recorded approximately one minute after the assassination.
Thomas also tried to refute Dale Myers Epipolar Geometric Analysis here. But got refuted in Myer's extremely detailed critique right here.
In 2010 Thomas will write a conspiracy book titled Hear No Evil which is basically a rehash of Thomas's refuted articles in 2001, 2003, and the attempted refutation of Dale Myer's analysis. Oh yes, Dale Myers actually reviewed Thomas's book right here detailing much of his errors.
In 2013, the definitive study of the acoustics relating to JFK's assassination was taken by Professor Larry J. Sabato, Ph.D. who commissioned an acoustic study of the recordings using more modern day acoustic techniques. Thomas once again tries to rebuke this study, but his credibility at this point is... not good, to the point where I don't even feel like linking his "review." But anyway the commission reviewed it's own original analysis and refuted Thomas's article. The commission's final remark:
The conclusions reached by the HSCA are invalidated by the evidence of the recording itself. In our first report, we established that an acoustical analysis of motorcycle engine speed versus time was not reconcilable with the known movements of the motorcade. In this report, we examined the engine speed concerning Officer McLain’s movements and arrived at the same conclusion. Furthermore, analysis of the alleged Fisher crosstalk showed that it cannot be used to establish of synchronization of the recordings. The times of occurrence of true crosstalk events show that the impulses happened at the wrong time to have been assassination gunfire. Analysis of other sounds further supports these findings. These observations are not based on assumptions or hypotheses about the nature of the data but follow directly from measurements of the acoustic properties of the recording. It must be noted that our work does not draw any conclusions – because it cannot – about whether there was a conspiracy or more than one shooter. What it does support, however, is the proposition that researchers should look elsewhere for evidence of such possibilities, because the Dictabelt recording is of doubtful utility regarding assassination gunfire.
So basically it was discovered the Dallas recordings "dampened" gunfire noise. The problem is that if we do look at the other evidence like how many shots the people heard, 3 bullet casings found on the Depository, and the fact that 4 investigations (HSCA, Rockefeller, Clark Panel, and Warren Commission) concluded that JFK was shot in the back 2 times by a bullet I'm pretty sure a 7 year old can piece that together. Of course I'm heading into the realm of conspiracy theories and I don't intend to change anyone's mind regarding conspiracy other than debunking this 30 year old claim that our own government thought there was conspiracy even though our own government refuted that.
Why would I write all of this? Because apparently every time that 'Lee Harvey Oswald,' 'John F. Kennedy,' or any other "suspicious suspects" in the JFK assassination are mentioned, 9 times out of 10 this is the excuse conspiracy theorists will use to push the theory of conspiracy and engage in bad history.
Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy by Vincent Bugliosi
National Academy Report
James C. Bowles critique
FBI Report
IBM Report
Synchronization of the acoustic evidence in the assassination of President Kennedy
Secrets of a Homicide: Acoustics
The Kennedy Half Century Acoustical Analysis of November 22, 1963 Dallas Police Recordings
Further reading/hearing of acoustic evidence:
Acoustic Evidence Revisited A controversial study
Synchronizing the Zapruder Film and the Hughes Film
Audio files of JFK Assassination Recordings
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2021.09.20 06:44 -DoNotStopLearnin- Level 3 is just level 4 with takeaways

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2021.09.20 06:44 kawhactus2 The Groff family lowkey carried season 3

Adam and Michael’s arcs are two of the best arcs in the show so far and Maureen is so wholesome and likable in every scene she’s in! Heck, even Adam’s dog is more likable than some characters in this show.
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2021.09.20 06:44 VLenin2291 I have a pseudohistorical world set in the early 1920s. Name anything from our world from that period in time or before and I’ll give its equivalent with some details.

Well, Idk if you call it “pseudohistorical”, I suppose you could call it “alternate history”, as it’s an alternate Earth where Pangaea split into four continents instead of seven and they stayed closer together. However, some things, mainly concepts, like governments or religions, will likely be the same as they are in our world, so try to ask about more specific things. Other than that, you can ask for the equivalent of anything from the early 1920s or any period in time before then. It can be events, technologies, people, and so on and so forth. So, fire away!
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2021.09.20 06:44 angxian Help in identifying newly adopted cat, UDON❤️❤️❤️

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2021.09.20 06:44 radialmonster RCM: The Art of Compassionate Billing—and Why You Should Put Patients First - HIT Consultant

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2021.09.20 06:44 existentialepicure When are you the happiest?

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2021.09.20 06:44 Ginnungagap_Void "Dorel" strikes again. This bad boy is mounted on a billboard. The electrical panel it uses doesn't have any IP rating or even a basic cover. Seen somewhere in Romania.

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2021.09.20 06:44 shotgunAPE4936 do flat lines come and go or do you just get one after you start?

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2021.09.20 06:44 SSk5055 Tips on dealing with bad wifi

I get that we are in a big campus and the wifi isn't going to be steller, but it is especially bad in my room and at certain times in the day it is completely unusable(5-7 mbs). Dose anyone have tips to work around the wifi or get the wifi fixed?
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