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2021.09.20 08:02 Eoc_CH1_btc Gone

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2021.09.20 08:02 DredgenGryss Nano 89: Retaliatory bombing on weapons depot.

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2021.09.20 08:02 Novacrimson anyone remember

anyone know the name of that manga where a boy reincarnated as the 3rd or was it 5th son of I believe a water empire or kingdom and is op at birth
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2021.09.20 08:02 genokoga A new milestone unlock: 1st time LB finished w/o bug

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2021.09.20 08:02 ObserveroftheVoid If AOT gets a live action like this would you watch it

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2021.09.20 08:02 JonathanLey Deceased bird on Oregon beach - NSFW/NSFL

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2021.09.20 08:02 moreofthesame123 Student Dali (20) na 13 uur zwaargewond op straat gevonden: “Ze hadden het gemunt op lintjes."

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2021.09.20 08:02 ValueLife6993 notify me

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2021.09.20 08:02 GrimzagDaWikkid Tiny giant stompy robots. This is a thing I did.

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2021.09.20 08:02 Formal_Recognition79 No Volume No Gains..!! EXPECT IT GOING AROUND 23 LEVEL TMRW..!!

Hate me troll me... as I posted last week about the RED DAY... few made fun of me... We still need more man power to push the stock up and squeeze the shorts.. Looking at the chart and the interest around the stock... I firmly believe this is going to come down to 23 level to fill that small gap... That would be the entry.. stock has a history to explode after filling the gaps.
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2021.09.20 08:02 mxpower Trying to remember an old IBM Pentium II design.

The year was 1998 I believe or around there. I was hired by a very well off senior who wanted to learn "windows" and "internet".
He had an IBM desktop that was black, I believe it had a built in display and a very unique design. Very modern case design that I have never seen since. If my memory serves me correct, I believe he paid near 5k for the system back then.
But try as I might, I cannot find this system anywhere. I know I didnt give much to go on, I kinda remember it being a desktop system not a tower and having a very angular design.
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2021.09.20 08:02 Generic_Garak Alright. Done. Now what?

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2021.09.20 08:02 Hydr0genMC Looking for people to talk with? Maybe a friend? Or maybe just a place to chill? Well I may have something for you.

Join Newfriendsforteens and its official discord server, Bored Teens!(pinned at the top of the subreddit). We're a small but very accepting community, and it'd be great to have you!
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2021.09.20 08:02 Dark-Acolyte “A Star Wars Story”

What would you rather get that we won’t get.
Lots of people want solo 2 purely for crimson dawn content so…
View Poll
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2021.09.20 08:02 Goofy_2goober So let's say you are on the planet with only one other person left, the opposite gender, but you hate them more than anything, what do you do?

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2021.09.20 08:02 InfraredSpectroscopy Do tube amps consume more energy than solid state amps?

So I just bought a used Darkvoice 336SE for my HD600. It will probably my first and last tube amp (hopefully). I love the coloration, thickness, and all the wonders OTL amps give to my music. I can confidently say that I've found my sound.
The only concerning thing about using the amp is that every time I flip on the switch, the light flickers a bit. This also happens when I turn on power hungry appliances like a vacuum cleaner or a deep fryer.
So, ultimately, my question is, will this reflect on my electricity bill?
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2021.09.20 08:02 AusCOVID19 New Zealand Covid update: Auckland to move out of level 4 lockdown as 22 cases reported

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2021.09.20 08:02 willfire035 How the fuck do you get stuck in a dryer/washer?

Use it all the time in the help me step bro mean but I got asked a question what kind of complete fucking retard get stuck in a goddamn washer what the hell are you getting caught on? This isn’t like a Chinese finger trap it’s a goddamn dryer. Who is in a lot of the stepsisters are dumber than a second coat of paint.
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2021.09.20 08:02 Danielitap Hello my love is available nudes SEXT SESSION [Selling] Fetishes Video call Mastubation💦🤤🍆 Gfe sexting VERIFY 100 💯 Kik: Danielitap1

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2021.09.20 08:02 Ok_Log_4559 CHARLES 💎 Great Opportunity | Insane Potential | Huge Rewards | Doxed And Based Dev | Good Marketing in Bound 🎇

Hello Dear Investor💎
We want to present you a project with great potential that rewards its holders with crazy ADA reflections💸
Your investment will be supervised by a well-known team that prepares huge marketing: Charity Donations, Coingecko, Tranding CMS, Coisniper, Coinhunt, Fameous Influencers Tweets, CMC, CoinPaprika🚀
CHARLES Token is named after Charles Hoskinson. Great founder of Cardano.
Creator of CHARLES Token is well known team: adacoin.hu, which also owns GULAS pool!👑
🖋Doxxed And Friendly Devs
🧳Based Team
💍Huge Rewards in ADA💸
👑Great Marketing In Bound
🎇Coingecko And CMC Listings Are Coming!
🐦 Major Influencers On Board
🔒 Liquidity Is Locked For 1 Year :
🖌Ownership Is Renounced:
total supply: 1,000,000,000
Trading tax: 10%
7% rewards
1% liquidity
1% marketing.
1% charity donations
slippage: 12%
Contract: 0x50cdf3f3c577e08fb531d63052fd5162edff01bc
Buy Link: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x50cdf3f3c577e08fb531d63052fd5162edff01bc
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2021.09.20 08:02 Embarrassed_Hunter53 TRADING 1.7K ROBUX :P

looking for amp, high tiers, parrot, crow, evil uni. And I will do 1.7k + neon cow no pot for a frost :P
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2021.09.20 08:02 shamoozoid LIGHTS OUT ♦ Old Time Radio ♦ Ep 56 ♦ The Truth ♦ 06/28/1945

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2021.09.20 08:02 stavoflav [Xbox][H] OG Striker Electroshock and CC1 Heatwave and [W] Pricecheck/offers?

Usually hate asking for offers but I actually don’t know the values of these
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2021.09.20 08:02 Meaty_Sarcasm00 cat hisses at random ..??

so I just adopted a 2 y/o black cat. she’s my very first cat. she’s the sweetest thing ever. very lovey, extremely goofy with lots of personality. but I’ve noticed she’s very skittish. she’s gotten more comfortable around the house and around my dog but she does this weird thing where she hisses at random objects or even sometimes at nothing!! I’ve seen her hiss randomly at a corner of the bedroom, at my dog’s bed, pile of clothes, her food bowl, her toys, she hisses in the dark. however she doesn’t growl or bite at all she just … hisses. PS she is a healthy cat.
is this a common behavior? is it something concerning? do I need to get her checked?
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2021.09.20 08:02 spider_cocck Based and red pilled

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