Am I un-alived yet? Day 272

2021.09.20 07:21 Jxn101 Am I un-alived yet? Day 272

Sunday, 19th September, 2021
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2021.09.20 07:21 Aworstversionofme What would you do if you are god and can do anything?

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2021.09.20 07:21 Stephcurrychris officialleysha • r/officialleysha

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2021.09.20 07:21 canoodleswithcats TFW you’ve already had three juice boxes, a pack of fun sized skittles and some grapes and you still can’t peak above 100 (so you can sleep before a long day of teaching 5 year olds..)😑

TFW you’ve already had three juice boxes, a pack of fun sized skittles and some grapes and you still can’t peak above 100 (so you can sleep before a long day of teaching 5 year olds..)😑 submitted by canoodleswithcats to diabetes_t1 [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 07:21 RepresentativeFar264 [BASE FEEDBACK] TH7

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2021.09.20 07:21 SylusHursh27 Steam unlocked

If the games are pre-installed why do I still have to download the games?
(I’m dumb I don’t know anything about computers)
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2021.09.20 07:21 z3an Season 3 preview image

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2021.09.20 07:21 safrole5 Bingo death

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2021.09.20 07:21 mr-_-poopybutthole Need some trade advice, new to fantasy football..

So I know I need rb depth, I currently have Dalvin Cook, Kenyan Drake, Ronald Jones, and David Johnson.
I have decent wr depth, ive got Dk, Diontae Johnson, Marquise Brown, Obj, Will Fuller, and DJ Chark.
What types of moves should I be making to better my team?
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2021.09.20 07:21 Crypto_Linns $SUPER 2021.9.20 Analysis

$SUPER 2021.9.20 Analysis $SUPER in several attempts to break through the above structure pressure unsuccessful, the formation of oscillating structure, short-term trend is uncertain, waiting for the direction of choice, support $0.74, pressure $0.86.
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2021.09.20 07:21 ABSTRACTMACHINES Randomly found on my feed, joined disc and it looks like it's still early. Unique NFT membership idea, social club DAO?

They are making some of their NFTs available through a points system (minting cost is 0.1 and 0.2 eth for different levels) on Disc. and some other platforms, it all looks really cool but the artwork and traits are going to be revealed after minting. Any opinions?
One of the things that looks really interesting is the idea of using AI to post trades automatically in the private channels you can see if you hold the NFT... Stealth minting to be announced on channels and twitter.
Here's the site, it's slick, you can find their disc. by scrolling down, and clicking to join. Apparently, the chatting and games in the chat are monetized, I guess to drive engagement, but getting NFTs just from chatting seems pretty cool to me, definitely a smart way to build community imo.
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2021.09.20 07:21 creaturisms How to start out with gel nail polish for beginners?

I'm 15 and I've been really interested in painting my nails recently and I really want to try gel nail polish because I'm tired of my regular polish chipping and my nails not being that protected so I can grow them longer.
I've been hearing about gel nail polish and how much better it is but I don't really know which brand is cheap but good quality on Amazon and I also learned today that gel nail polish hurts? Is there a way to keep it from hurting? I don't really like the idea of pain at all. I know gel kits can be pretty pricey so is it worth it at all, or should I just stick to my regular nail polish?
Does prepping your nails (buffing them and all that) damage them?
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2021.09.20 07:21 businessyndicate For those of you in the business world, what is your life like?

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2021.09.20 07:21 hammyt42 Trying to interface a 4x4 keypad matrix with 7segment.

Can any one help me with my code? I'm writing a verilog code which takes input from a 4x4 keypad matrix and displays the output to a 4 digit 7 segment display when a key is pressed.
The code scans the keypad row by row until a key is pressed, at which point another variable I called keyScan, changes it value from a 0 to 1 and the scanning stops.
When the key is released , it resumes the scanning on the keyboard and the keyScan value defaults back to 0.
It saves the keypress value as a 8 bit binary number in the format {row, column} in the variable numKey.
My issue is I can't call upon this variable in another case statement so I can trigger the 7 segment inputs labeled a thru g. The code compiles and even runs, but pressing the buttons on the keypad does absolutely nothing.
I'm very new to verilog so I apologize in advance if my code doesn't make sense I'm just trying everything I can to get this to work.
module lab1 ( input clk, input [3:0] col, output wire a, b, c, d, e, f, g, output wire en1, en2, en3, en4, output reg [3:0] row, output reg [7:0] numKey, output keyScan );
always @(posedge clk) begin
row <= 4'b1000; numKey <= 8'b0; keyScan <= 0;
if (col != 4'b0000) begin
numKey <= {col, row}; keyScan <= 1; end else begin keyScan <= 0; case (row) 4'b1000: row <= 4'b0111; 4'b0100: row <= 4'b1011; 4'b0010: row <= 4'b1101; 4'b0001: row <= 4'b1110; default: row <= 4'b0111; endcase end
if (keyScan != 0 ) begin en1 <= 0; en2 <= 1; en3 <= 1; en4 <= 1; end else begin
case (numKey)
8'b10000111: begin a <= 2'b1; b <= 2'b1; c <= 2'b1; d <= 2'b1; e <= 2'b1; f <= 2'b1; g <= 2'b1; end endcase
end end endmodule //
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2021.09.20 07:21 Anarcho_Humanist Libertarian Socialist resources in Georgia

Libertarian Socialist organisations
None that we are aware of.

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2021.09.20 07:21 King_selvatico Una di quelle cose epiche che nessuno aveva mai avuto il coraggio di fare

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2021.09.20 07:21 808gecko808 Mililani’s Dillon Gabriel out indefinitely after suffering broken clavicle for UCF

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2021.09.20 07:21 Rosiepuss How best to get an ink stain out of a dry clean only fabric sofa?

It was a smallish stain but my wife attempted to clean it with carpet cleaner which only seemed to make it larger.
I am thinking of hiring professional cleaners but am not sure it's even possible to get the stain out, so I want to try myself first (though it does need cleaning anyway!)
Any tips would be much appreciated!
Photo of stain
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2021.09.20 07:21 Hondocean Love the fit

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2021.09.20 07:21 aglifeisgood Leave in Conditioner !!

I recently started using a brand leave in conditioner which works amazingly (!!) For my hair so I wanted to see if y’all’s knew of any zero waste or low waste leave in conditioner brands or maybe from smaller owned businesses!
I saw in other threads that oil was super popular but I used argan oil for a while and it’s just not doing much for my hair anymore!
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2021.09.20 07:21 EBmudski Just planted it in the ground 2 days ago and it’s started to rot

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2021.09.20 07:21 wetcoast604 Daisychain question:

In my homelab I have a USG Pro 4 and then a US-24 and a POE-US24-500W.
I have allot of POE cameras set up - 20 of them - but I want to add a US-8-150 in my garage to add some more exterior cameras with simple short cable runs.
I have two cable runs already to the garage area that go back to the POE-US24. Could I take one of those runs and move it to the US-24 instead and then connect it to a US-8-150 that I want to mount in my garage? I just can't run anymore drops to the garage from the homelab upstairs currently.
I'm obviously better to run the new US-8-150 back to the US-24 and not my POE-US24 switch I presume? I have 8 open ports on the US-24 still.
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2021.09.20 07:21 iriscandy000 Andrew, the gotta take it off

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2021.09.20 07:21 Pikamander2 Some videos, especially Tesla videos, look washed out in certain browsers but not others

Try viewing this video on several different browsers and devices:
For me, on mobile, the video and its thumbnail look fine.
By contrast, on desktop, the video is basically unwatchable, although its thumbnail looks normal.
Here's another example of an affected video.
Here's a comment from another user when I posted the issue on /help:

It's an issue with HDR conversions. Either reddit's uploader isn't tone mapping them correctly or its an issue on apples end because the new iPhone's record in HDR, also could just be Chorme as I just checked some and they work in Firefox (on the desktop anyway).
Chrome on left, Firefox on right:
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2021.09.20 07:21 es_mo The vaccine(s) cake(day) analogy

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