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2021.09.20 06:59 sunsent_wierdo What’s some things you can guess about me :)

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2021.09.20 06:59 fishfeat Tell me you live in CA without telling me you live in CA.

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2021.09.20 06:59 rDragaliaLostMods Daily General and Questions Megathread

Getting the Dragalia Lost Application
Dragalia Lost is only available in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, United States, Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and New Zealand.
If you're not from those area, there is still alternative methods to play the game. We will go over the two platforms: IOS & Android.

If a game isn't available in your country or shows as not available for your device then download the APK using these methods:
You can also use VPN to download it from the application store, but it's a longer process and above is a recommended method to follow.
Re-rolling Guide
Reroll means that you make a new file, look at what you got from your pulls and if you don't like your first pull (after the tutorial that is), you delete the file and create a new one again and so on till your satisfied.
Small FAQS
Game says I'm not authorized to play
Disable Root Access. Emulators don't work.
How much does it cost to pull?
120 Wyrmite or Diamantium to do a single pull. 1200 Wyrmite or Diamantium to do a tenfold-pull which guarantees a 4* character. You can also do a single pull once a day for 30 Diamantium, as well as use tickets to pull.
Are there multiple servers or just one?
Regardless of the region of your account, store, game, or language, everyone plays on the same global server.
Helpful Links
Official Newcomer Tips and Tricks Curated by the Dragalia Lost Team!
u/simpeedoh - Weapons Crafting Essentials — Craft & Enhance Every Weapon in v2.0
u/simpedooh - Weapon Crafting Essential
u/Prooof - A hoarder's guide to preparing for future adventurers
Best place to farm items - Crowdsource Dropsheet
Weapon Material Calculator
Halidom Upgrade Material Calculator
Autoing Content Build Archive
Endgame Content Helpful Links:
Expert Jalbadoth Complete Auto Guide - u/Teyah
Expert Lilith Auto without Julietta, Reborn Jeanne, or Rhys - Colinth22 and u/Iammz
Trials of the Mighty Resources:
Full Auto Master Jeanne - u/Teyah
Full Auto Master Agni - u/Teyah
Full Auto Master Shadow's Legion - u/Teyah
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2021.09.20 06:59 BigBrotherMod Big Brother US23 - Late Night Feed Discussion - September 19 2021

It's Late Night.
Grab your beverage of choice, you device and your All Access subscription as we settle in for after hours in the BB house. What's going on tonight? Any competitions or house drama? Who is sitting comfortably and who is in danger?
Some Feed Discussion Rules/Guidelines

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2021.09.20 06:59 AutoModerator Your Quick Questions and Answers, Short Quips, Hot Takes, and other Briefs for Monday, September 20, 2021

Megathread for everyone to discuss anything about COVID-19 impacting MA. This is the place for quick questions, comments, and analysis. Your own charts and graphs are also welcome to be linked in the comments below.
As always on Reddit, please upvote those submissions and comments that contribute to the topic and discussion.
General COVID-19 info Commonwealth COVID-19 Portal

How to isolate/quarantine
Get tested
About the vaccine:
Finding available vaccine: https://www.mass.gov/covid-19-vaccine
Same-day or next-day service now at most chain Pharmacies:
Vaccine Side effects? Submit yours to VAERS at https://vaers.hhs.gov/reportevent.html
Vaccine Reporting:
Massachusetts COVID-19 tracking
Town-by-town tracking (based on weekly Thursday data)
Funeral Expense Assistance https://www.fema.gov/disasters/coronavirus/economic/funeral-assistance/faq [describes a program where eligible US payers of certain COVID-19 funeral expenses can get reimbursement]
Please make link/bookmark suggestions by sending a message to the moderators.
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2021.09.20 06:59 Ralfop Seamless Rotating Tripod Seamlessly Seamless Rotating Tripod Seamlessly, The new 2019 Tripod Seamlessly, which can rotate 90 degrees, makes clever use of space layout to make your room look cleaner. Easy to fix all kinds of wall Angle installation, can 180 degrees arbitrary rotation,

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2021.09.20 06:59 kickypie They say that the right person will come along, but I think mine got hit by a truck

I'm not the type of person that believes in luck. If something is meant to happen it will happen, but if it doesn't then maybe it was never supposed to happen at all. I don't believe in fate, destiny or anything like that. The only thing I do believe in is what my gut tells me… trucks.
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2021.09.20 06:59 gizmo_on_reddit I think Bungie just wanted to have a foam dart gun

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2021.09.20 06:59 lifedudeman Spotted in Austin. Super clean.

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2021.09.20 06:59 PsychePhilosopher05 Book Fair @ HazratGanjMetroS

I came across an article this morning & thought of sharing it with all you bibliophiles.
Here's the link to the article:-
Article's link
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2021.09.20 06:59 InfiniteWonderful Any advice on what kind of smoker to get?

My spouses birthday is coming up, and I’d like to get him a smoker as a gift.
I’m looking for any advice on what to get and what to avoid. Im planning to spend between $300-$450 CAD.
We do have a natural gas line available next to the BBQ, but I’m not really seeing any natural gas smokers on the market. (And installing a propane to natural gas conversion kit seems like a nightmare.)
Is the best bet then a charcoal smoker? I’m seeing good reviews for the Weber Smokey Mountain Charcoal Smoker 18” - but would this be a good one for someone with no smoking experience? He’s not the type that would mind babysitting and making adjustments throughout the cook.
Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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2021.09.20 06:59 V1taminw4ter Growing distant because of me?

context im in a (slight, since i visit them almost every weekend i can) long distant relationship of 3 years and 6 months with my (17nb) partner (17nb). i just started school a couple weeks ago, they have not. school is the worst times of the year for me, having severe anxiety, depression, adhd, ocd, and bpd. i have 7 classes thatre all makeup classes for classes i failed, so i only have stressful and unfun classes with the teachers i failed in (the classes i failed in most were teachers i disliked and had many assignments everyday)
anyways, having all these assignments and no classes to have a second to sit and cool down (such as art, music, other electives) or just be able to learn while im actsilly interested has really affected me poorly. ontop of that, ive had issues with having my trio group go to a double group, and a bad family home. so its just alot of stress. now my partner is my angel, talking to them is like taking off tight pants after wearing them all day long, its refreshing and relieving, but its just that im experiencing burnout, so im so much shorter. so much less energetic and theyre okay with it, theyve been with me for 3 years worth of school, i just feel like its a cycle during the school months (especially when im very stressed) and i want to breaknout of it. i want to be more engaged and i dont know how to remain interested and grounded when im so anxious. im bad at talking and chatting and texting when its like this, and i need some advice. an help?
tl:dr school burnout has left me drifting and i dont want to screw things up
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2021.09.20 06:59 NineteenSixtySix [OC] Minimum Drinking Age By State/Province (On Alcohol Selling Premises Without Parental Approval)

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2021.09.20 06:59 ghostfaceinspace the 10 cent hand sanitizer left weird white stuff on my arm

so today I went into my local Office Depot to look for small shipping boxes and as I was checking out I saw the 10 cent hand sanitizers and thought what a deal! Actually they were marked 50 cents but rung up 10 cents, anyway.. I immediately used it and it ended up leaving weird white stuff on my arms.. like if you rubbed glue on your hands and the glue dried up and peeled off.. that's what it reminded me off. no expiration on the bottle either.
also the male worker was very nice at my store but damn those floors need a good buffer. they look dirty like the dirt is embedded.
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2021.09.20 06:59 Open_Photo_2074 Lf: Shrews any pot!!

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2021.09.20 06:59 IarixaI alternative colorings for another post in case anyone wants to use or needs them

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2021.09.20 06:59 Tackle_Proud ps4 iso guard need a spot up big for 2s

psn: TrexGamingHQ
dm me
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2021.09.20 06:59 gojosstepmom Have you ever been to a place you remember being to before but it was most definitely your first time there? What was your experience?

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2021.09.20 06:59 Hedonisticbiped Remember the real enemy. Ape no fight ape.

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2021.09.20 06:59 Dramatic-Performer99 the ✨𝒷𝑒𝓈𝓉✨

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2021.09.20 06:59 _Soul__Reaper will the skin change in next clan seasonal awards?

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2021.09.20 06:59 SunOnTheInside My first offering.

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2021.09.20 06:59 DecIsMuchJuvenile Former Converse billboard in Canberra, Australia

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2021.09.20 06:59 petyrlannister Pay off or rehabilitate Student Loans

Hello, I have the option to either fully pay off my defaulted student loans or rehabilitate them. I'm not sure which route would be a better decision.
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