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The Epoch Times: AUKUS is Forcing France and Europe to Stop Fence-Sitting on Beijing: Diplomacy Expert

2021.09.20 07:15 reddit_feed_bot The Epoch Times: AUKUS is Forcing France and Europe to Stop Fence-Sitting on Beijing: Diplomacy Expert

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2021.09.20 07:15 ziggysev4647 I am obsessed with this dress but can’t find it online anywhere (checked StillWhite, eBay, everywhere!). It’s called the Worship dress, brand: Lover the Label, collection: White Magick. Please help! Looking for Australian size 12. I’m desperate!

I am obsessed with this dress but can’t find it online anywhere (checked StillWhite, eBay, everywhere!). It’s called the Worship dress, brand: Lover the Label, collection: White Magick. Please help! Looking for Australian size 12. I’m desperate! submitted by ziggysev4647 to weddingdress [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 07:15 sulesaJones100 Nfr snow owl for nfr dodo

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2021.09.20 07:15 Ashina_Tegin Ulugh Muhammad, Khan of the Golden Horde (before 1436), ruler of Crimea (1437), and the founder of the Khanate of Kazan, which he ruled from 1438-1445. He was the son of the oglan Ichkile Hassan and the cousin of Tokhtamysh.

Ulugh Muhammad, Khan of the Golden Horde (before 1436), ruler of Crimea (1437), and the founder of the Khanate of Kazan, which he ruled from 1438-1445. He was the son of the oglan Ichkile Hassan and the cousin of Tokhtamysh. submitted by Ashina_Tegin to TurkicHistory [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 07:15 Lnotony Something that bothers me about Vex

She's a reset champion that sort've has long cooldowns other than Q which gets decently low but she doesn't have a way to consistently deal damage unlike other reset champs like Kha, Kat, or Trist. Has anyone else ran into this issue or are we primarily playing her as like get a good R-W Engage to fear enemy team?
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2021.09.20 07:15 Street-Winner-7089 Colorpop and Tarte make-up!!

Guyss!! Do any of you know where to purchase colorpop make-up without paying huge customs or shipping charging and also Tarte make-up!!! 😁😁
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2021.09.20 07:15 tbhaxor Unable to customize the passport local module

In passport local, I am unable to set the custom name of the names of the fields. Here are the names from the request body
Username -> email
Password -> passwd

I have followed the steps from the docs https://docs.nestjs.com/security/authentication#customize-passport

The first screenshot works but second doesnt work


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2021.09.20 07:15 Joels91 Mint your own yComplex NFT Art! Limited to 1002 unique pieces. Link below.

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2021.09.20 07:15 H_Star_ Something about Pokefurs…

I’ve been told that my main fursona, Zain the Zoroark, is not that creative and I should switch main fursonas. He also said that I’m stupid for picking him in the first place. I’m done with that guy and I haven’t changed main fursonas every since. Is everyone like this guy?
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2021.09.20 07:15 SKINEATINGRAT Susie is a massive cock block towards kris and ralsei

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2021.09.20 07:15 usmanali_uk Looking for new friends, dm me if you're interested 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

I wanna get to know new people from different backgrounds and culture i think that would be fun 🥰
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2021.09.20 07:15 Affectionate_Car_261 Steam Account Hacked (email and number was changed)

I recently discovered my steam account was hacked. The hacker changed my email and my phone number. I have no idea how to contact a steam representative. I have the card i used to make transactions on the account, I have my old password, I even have the authenticator app with the codes showing up (but im not signed in on it) and i have the recovery code in case i lost my phone. Can someone please help me, I have no idea how to fix this.
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2021.09.20 07:15 sakuraalol Basement Dwellers! Stereotypes, Gaming, and Meme Culture. GIVEAWAY

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2021.09.20 07:15 FL4kGOD Change my mind: Yale was the first rage beat and for ever changed the rap game and influenced wlr’s entire sound⁉️⁉️

Ken Carson really the og ⁉️💯
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2021.09.20 07:15 louieuno Boost for boost ? (,:

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂 https://earnin.app.link/rX6NQfj10gb
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2021.09.20 07:15 derekhilton When was the last time you cried?

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2021.09.20 07:15 OneQuadrillionOwls Is it "against protocol" to suggest hanging out after the first chat? (Male chatting with Female)

Let's say there's a friendly, longish chat (a few hours but with breaks for other stuff, not totally continuous), including some interesting overlaps. I suggest grabbing coffee sometime, and the other person ends the chat.
I know this could happen for a variety of reasons, and that the simplest one was "she's just not that into you."
What I want to know is, is there some "unwritten rule" that I've violated by asking to hang out at the end of this first (though again kinda long) conversation?
I know women have to deal with safety issues, and I'd like to respect that while staying true to my own feelings and my own desire to just be honest and straightforward. Is there some established "method" of easing into meeting up (even for something simple/casual)? Should I just hold my tongue the first few times chatting?
Or is suggesting a coffee in the first chat completely fine, and the "chat getting ended" is what people do on these apps instead of saying something awkwardly like "I'm really busy for a few weeks but maybe after that" (which is basically a soft letdown)?
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2021.09.20 07:15 DarkNFullOTerrors Big Truss

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2021.09.20 07:15 thecause04 Sonic Colors Ultimate is Absolute Trash Water

I have been playing this game for almost two weeks now and I have no idea why anyone liked this game. The only other “3D” Sonic game I have played is Sonic Forces and as much as I disliked that game, it is waaaaaay better than Sonic Colors Ultimate.
Everyone has talked about the pathetic effort put into remaking this game. I won’t go into it because the game itself is something that Sonic fans should avoid due to simple self-respect. Sonic Forces at least let the player know when it would be a 2D or 3D stage whereas Colors Ultimate just transitions without warning. The player is holding one direction on the joystick and then immediately loses speed because the stage dimension changes without warning. It’s also despicable that the player is forced to use the joystick in a Sonic game that has so much 2D platforming. This platforming is truly Bubsy 3D quality. Also how is there any sense of satisfaction when using the homing attack on enemies just displays the correct button input to select THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE GAME? I know not every 3D Sonic does this, so to not criticize Sonic Colors Ultimate for this is just pure idiocy.
Enjoy the game if you want, but we all know the gaming industry played us and made millions while we sat around and blamed each other when in reality we all wanted and deserved better.
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2021.09.20 07:15 MangieAngie1961 These both did well. I thought I did really well with both of these. What do ya'll think about them?

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2021.09.20 07:15 HimanshuMehare Gambit Esports Become the Champions of Valorant Champions Tour Stage 3 Master Berlin

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2021.09.20 07:15 maybeilostmyhead Loosing my mind.

This is my second time posting in reddit. And unfortunately this will be a longer post so you can get the whole picture. I will point out my faults too. But I feel like I'm loosing my mind!
Okay. For back story.. we have one child 6 yr old beautiful girl.
Me(31f) my back history. I don't work. Haven't in years. I have some depression and social issues. But I do bring in funds.
Him(31m) has always had a job. But is irresponsible.
So let's cover today's problem... His trucks been down now for two weeks. I let him take my car and I drove his truck and immediately went off. Why... Because the wheel bearing is roaring and I mean pure sounds like a lion with a train going over its tail.
His response "I didn't know what it was" like how do you not notice the noise goes away when your going in and out of curves! There's very few things that cause that.
Last time the truck got put down he was pulling into the driveway. I seen "water" under it just pouring. And come to find out it was gas! His fuel line had been completely severed on the return side. After two weeks. I fixed it because he don't care. I don't want him in my car.
Now I fixed the wheel bearing over a year ago. I got it off eBay. So I didn't expect it to last to long. But every time I work on the cars where is he on the game! Literally will hear me outside giving this vehicle a piece of my mind because things never go right and I'm always on the hunt for some tool. And he will just play his game no care in the world.
(The context here is you have to know I got with him 11 years ago. We met each other when we raced, and were young and it was all about the cars. So he should know how to work on them right)
So no his mom and sister are griping because he's using their car. Which is completely stupid. Because we actually have 5 vehicles that are "road worthy" the 6th is totalled. Of those 5 the jeep has sat for 3 years because the lift kit is trash and the trans is dropping, the van cost 3k but he ran it till it just gave it up, the truck same situation. He hasn't even bothered to go get his titles from the loan agency....(been paid for 6 months) then we have my cars. One of which was supposed to be his but he didn't like them and wanted me to be okay with him purchasing a brand new sports car. Yeah no...(we will get to that) In 2020 whitey was totaled. In 2021 big blue got totalled. One is repairable one is not. I specifically purchased the same car I had because of parts. It had a great engine and even paying $500 for a car and having that engine makes it worth it. But ole red was down with a bad head gasket. Whitey got totalled, red blew the crappy felpro gasket, and I got blue. Blue was hit in the side and collapsed in the door. So I'm driving red. But I don't like letting him drive my cars because he's not wrecking them he's just blowing up major components. He came in one day in my mustang saying the tps was acting up again. So I drove it. And when I got home I was just like what the hell did you do. And that's the transmission not the tps! So what did you do. Come to find out he raced an ole buddy trying to talk up my pony stang and ripped the trans out...... Yeah straight dumb a**!
Anyway. They know. He ruins vehicles. I've repeatedly told them to say something to him. I have enough on my plate and when I say something we immediately get into a fight. He's mad they are saying something and I'm caught in the middle.
For context here's what I have on my platter.
I'm the mom- I cook, clean, do the dishes, the clothes, the house cleaning
I'm the plumber- ladies have you ever pulled a whole commode 7 times in a few days by yourself. No? Well I have. Have you ever had to completely repair and replace the sink faucet and plumbing alone. Not knowing what to do. I have. Have you ever been under your house in 30-50° weather desperately trying to get your pipes unfroze?? I have!
The mechanic- I've covered alot of it. But what man sits on a game an let's his ole lady work on his truck because he "don't know how too"
The electrician- winter is coming and we need heaters. Which causes the plugs in our house to burn out. Literally. I can take a photo of the plug to my right and it's black burned and been that way for months! I'll be cutting the electric to the house so I can get them repaired for the winter.
I can off the top of my head point out 6 spots where our roof leaks. Our bathroom has no ceiling. And our two bedrooms is a one bedroom because 6 months before our kid was born he ripped the paneling out of the bedroom. 7 years later. That's just where it is. No progress.
All in all. I've been isolated. I have no friends and my best friend is my dad. Who depends on me so much. Because he's getting older and just can't pull the weight he used to be able too. We've been trying for 6 month to get his roof done on his house.
We aren't rich people. And I don't care for being all rich. I honestly don't even care for all the fancy stuff. I'm one of those girls that replaces her make up every like 3 years. Most of my clothes are stained from working on cars and other things.
But I'm a clean person. I bath regularly. ECT. And have a kid that throws a fit if she doesn't get a bath. (Thank God she got that after me)
I was up all last night so when I turned on a movie this afternoon for my daughter and sat down. I dosed off. Unfortunately I had chicken in the over but set a timer. (Learned that no the oven doesn't turn off when the timer beeps...) Thought it did because usually I'm there clicking cancel. Well I guess he went to bed. I woke up to the smell of burned bbq sauce and rock hard chicken.
I immediately tell our daughter go get a bath, and grab up what you want to wear tomorrow, she comes back with some pants from a room she knows she's not supposed to be in. This is like the 4th time today to get in trouble. She got the corner, gotten told to sit on her bed and don't get up, and now the camel back broke. I popped her butt because I'm getting to the point I'm tired of repeating myself and I really need her to mind. He proceeds to scream at me tell me how she's gonna hate me, I'm a bad mother ECT. (There's another post about my teen niece running around here too) I get so upset I shoot back if she's gonna hate anyone it's gonna be you because all you do is play games! Which is true.
There's so much more to the story. Maybe I need someone to talk too. Maybe I need friends.
But I'm honestly starting to think that when the settlements come through on my car wrecks. That I'm just going to take every penny an put it into a home. (I really hope it's enough these are very small settlements) And not invite him. Because he hasn't paid any bills in two months, his bank account is overdrawn, I'm completely depressed and just don't even want to live but I keep fighting because this kid. I created that. I will be damned if I cave and let someone else raise her. I also fear for how she will be if left with him and his family. I won't even go and get in the bed right now. Why because it's been a week since he's bathed and he actually has the oddasity to grip about not having sex. And my brain is just screaming no no no gross ewwww!!! And I struggle so hard because it has completely squashed my mojo. I'm 31 and I have absolutely NO sex drive because of him. And I'm actually think about not dating guys after this. It's just that bad.
Y'all I'm sorry it's out of sorts. I'll get better at writing. But is this what's going to be my saving grace? The fact of that this has gone on for 11 years. And I've finally just reached my snapping point. I've reach the bottom of my hole. And there's two ways this ends. Dead or alive. And by golly death didn't want to welcome me when I was begging him to take me. I'll be damned if it gets the better of me now.. I've got a kiddo to raise. And I can't imagine having to worded why a parent took their own life. I'd be setting her up to struggle harder than I have.
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2021.09.20 07:15 anonymous27594 Are there any glory holes on or near campus? Where can i find them?

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2021.09.20 07:15 cthulhuwithautism Which of these is scarier?

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