Some clips from the Arendal Pokerrun 2021 (Norway)

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2021.09.20 07:56 rushabhgurav Valorant needs a timeout mechanism.

Every time I join a match, there is at least that one moment where I have to step away from my computer for just 2-3 minutes. When a player is being punished for being afk even if it just for one round, it makes sense to have a timeout system. I'm sure a lot of people agree with me.
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Looking for a reliable source for your grains? No need to look any further! High Quality Sterilized Grain. Various bag sizes available. Each comes with a self-healing injection port & .2 micron filter patch. Whole Oats & Rye! FREE Shipping!! This is for Gourmet & Medicinal Use Only! submitted by HongoMan23 to MycoBuySellTrade [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 07:56 Comprehensive-Box707 Why do other guys make it harder for short guys?

A lot of guys that aren't short like 5'10+ make it harder for short guys. I'm 5'4 and women my height and taller want a taller guy, but what I've noticed is that guys that are 5'10+ want, like literally really want women shorter than me at 5'3 and under. I can't begin to count how many times I've talked to women shorter than me but they said they're already talking to guys 5'10ish+ and they go after them. These women also prefer them. Even if they don't it seems like one way or another my competition us strong as a lot of women taller than me want guys 5'10+ and also shorter then me or these guys go after them. I get rejected on apps because the women shorter than me that would accept my height usually have men much taller than me going after them. I can't win. Not only is it hard to meet the requirements of women, but a lot of you guys do make it hard for certain short guys.
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2021.09.20 07:56 Basic_Garden_3038 SKYRIM MMO!!!

Allow players to purchase a server and rotate who plays as the dragon born/ebony warrior make there be like 10 of them throughout the server. Here's the big thing though, require that all NPC Warring factions be player controlled, Empire / Stormcloaks, bandit cliques, giants, and dragon(s) with their own lair dungeons.
Give Dragon players their own perk tree like the vampire/werewolf perks.
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Myślicie, że jedno z drugim faktycznie miało związek i tak jak uważa większość widzów tego kanału to wszystko wina "rozwścieczonych lewaków"? Czy faktycznie pomyłka Google?
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2021.09.20 07:56 Professional-Row-402 [TLDR] Don't study in Kathmandu Engineering College part 4-Cancer of KEC

I know after reading this small post, you will have many confusions that is why I recommend checking my last post if you feel confused in any topics I write here.
This semester I read 5 lakh words, I heard that for you reading 5000 words was a burden. HAHA. I suggest you not study engineering in any private college if you plan to excel in engineering if that is the case. There was a bro who joined KEC and is in first semester(almost similar to my case), and he thanked me for posting this and was asking me to post this earlier so that his 4 lakhs could have been saved and here you are taking me for granted. HAHA. Idiots, just like I was when I was in +2. You will come here sooner or later. I am seeing lots of students who are in KU trolling in these types of posts so nobody takes this seriously. And students who joined private colleges defending it. HAHA. Go and join KEC don't believe anything I said here, mero kei jadaina, timrao 4 years of life ko waat lagne ho. Malai ni timro seniors lai jastai timro 4 years waat lagyo bhane mazza auxa. HAHA.
Whatever I have said here is intentionally harsh. PEA makes you believe that everyone can get into pulchowk, thapthali, KU, wrc, erc, cec. NO. Only around 2000 students get into these colleges in all faculties. Rest have to end up in private colleges if they want to study engineering. And not getting the degree that you want with your rank is another common thing which leads people to private engineering colleges.
Granted linxa gede muji ladochusne haru. Bhak mujiharu. Ailesamma kasaile ayera afno college ko bare ma esto rational post garako xa khatey muji haru?
Of course whatever I tell is going to be false, if you fall in the below 2 criterias. You will feel like I am lying here.
To whom this post is not made for-:
1) You are someone with <70% in +2 and 3000+ rank in IOE entrance. If that is the case, study in any college, there is no way you can graduate on time on worst case, and you will graduate with pass percentage 60% on best case which I believe is completely worthless. There is an option for those with low gpa in +2. Do years loss after years loss, doesn't matter if you do 5 year loss. Getting into a good college is totally worth it. Clear your fundamentals, get good score in IOE or SAT or any engineering entrance in India and study there. Those with <70% in +2 and 3000+ rank in IOE will regret joining engineering. I strongly suggest you to not study engineering and choose some easier degree instead. Nth wrong with "ghadi heri haad nilnu" rather than being an useless engineer, be a good banker, good manager, that is totally worth it. No work is big or small.
Yes these grades and entrance score aren't bhadakuti by NEB and IOE. they are serious stuffs. Take them seriously if you plan to excel in engineering. They aren't playing games, they are judging your aptitude if it is able to study concepts of engineering or not. PS if you study +2 well, you can easily get into KU. KU exam is basically NEB exam with MCQ LOL. One of the easiest entrance I ever gave and got almost admitted. Missed the fucking deadline. Regrets. Of course. That is why I am here. If I was doing well in my life, I won't be ranting about college in reddit.
If you graduate with 60%, 99% chances you haven't learnt the fundamentals to do core engineering jobs(Of course you can get those jobs that the students passing +2 can do with 2 months of training LOL)....And lol, I must tell this, even if you get <50% in engineering, you can become an entrepreneur, CEO, startup founder LOL as that is what Nepalese people like u/difrpodcast do who are not capable enough of getting a proper job LOL..CEO bhanne, business garxu bhanne basne LOL. No disrespect to eNtREpREYnEUrS LMAO...They are great. tHeY gEnErATe eMPlooYmEnT
2) Your goal is to pass engineering get a degree and then fuck as many girls as possible telling that you are an engineer. You just want engineer tag in your name. You don't give a fuck about learning engineering. Even in this case college can't guarentee you to pass engineering. My personal suggestion would be join any Indian engineering college or low rated US colleges(Even without scholarship, just graduate late but graduate with proper knowledge of engineering fundamentals)
3) If you belong to any of these 2 criteria, don't read this post, Join KEC that is the best you can get. I am telling you. I am seeing lots of students telling "KEC ma paddina" aba. Fuck it and study there if you plan to study in Nepal. If you want to save your money, quality of teaching is same everywhere in Nepal, join PU and PoU colleges. Of course quality of friends will be shit in other colleges LOL. Euta NEC padne le bhandai thiyo suicide hanxau hola NEC ma padyo bhane ta timi ta re LOL. I am sure about that. LOL.
4) Also geniuses. By genuius, this is how I define them "if you can learn everything on the class itself in +2, you are a genius by my definition. No matter where you study KEC or pulchowk you will come as the top. Of course potential is that you can do better in better colleges but you won't do bad like I am saying in bad colleges.
5) Look at this, good teachers are very subjective not objective. In this college, there was a thermo teacher in our first sem. 99% of the students didn't understand what he was teaching, for me he was the best teacher in KEC. Also there are times when I hate the teacher, but when I ask other students they are saying that they are understanding what they are teaching. (I am diagnosed that I have no ADHD or learning dyslexia...Yes I went for medicals that was how badly affected I was)
6) Whatever I am saying here is full common sense stuffs, and very basic stuffs. But +2 students are too naive, that is why I am positing this here. Looking at hindsight, I feel what a funny decision I made by joining KEC. LOL.
**If you are class 11, instantly join PEA, don't fall for people who say PEA padera pulchowk ma name niskinna. 99.99% of my friends who got into Pulchowk had admitted in PEA in start of class 12. 99.99% of my friends who got into WRC, ERC, Thapthali too had admitted in PEA in last of class 12. Mind you, I was in the best section in my school and college. So this is of course not a post for everybody. LOL. Not for aairgaire in academics.
KEC is a good college, it is just not the right fit for me. I will explain this later on
Why KEC bad for me(mind this KEC is a great private college for most of the students. I know students who were happy that they got admitted in KEC. And I know students who dropped out of Advanced to study in KEC. That is how word of mouth reputation of KEC is great. Even I hate KEC, for me KEC is the best private college in terms of quality of students that come here)-:
1) Shyam dahal-:
Shyam Dahal cancer of KEC. This dude deserves a whole post in his own, because he is the cancer.
Why is he cancer?
1) Asks every teacher to write solution manuals. Now, there are no teachers in KEC who don't write solution manuals in any semester. In every semester 80% of teachers write solution manuals. Timiharu lai lagira hola, "book lekhera k bhayo ta, kinera pad na".
Here is the problem-: -> They write book by copying from another book. Literally page by page. And that too with typos.
-> they never recommend the good books that helps you score in exams. Why? because they have copied from those books. Feri copy pani ramrari garey ta hunthyo ni bhagwan. Typos nai typos, mistake nai mistake hunxa yaar. 32 lyauna padne lai ra qns practice matra garna khojne lai bahek solution books kamai xaina. mistake nai mistake xa yar.
→ Yo shyam dahal kai kharab kharab books le garda kati subject ma fail bhaxu ma. Eslai kasaile ruchaudo rainxa. Yesko paila ko sathi, yesko paila ko students sable yeslai facebook ma gaali nai garirako hunxa. Khaali Nepali congress ma jodiyeko xa, ra nepali congress ko dick suckers dai haru xan (topper nai ho euta kta ta ajha lol...topper hudaima dick suck gardaina bhanne hudaina raixa haha….intellect bhanne kura system inception ko solutions padera top hune lai katabata aaos ta haha...sala gadha haru
-> They never ever help you when you ask for help. I have lost lots of gpa just because these cunts wanted me to purchase their book and won't answer me.
-> In the beginning years of my engineering, I too purchased every solution books of system inception publications(shyam dahal's publications), I found these books to be useless, full of typos and mistake.
-> You might think "SEE ma ni esari tuition padera ta pass garya honi, book lekhe jhan ramro bhayo ni" There is a difference between tuition teaching teachers in SEE and these teachers. These teacher don't know a thing. That shyam dahal dude could never answer a single question, forget answer, could not utter a single word, without looking at his shitty book copied from various sources.
-> KEC needs to sack shyam dahal as a first step of making their college better. No solution writing teacher is bigger than the college. I would not mind if he had any educational qualifications to write books or his book contained less typos. LOL. Idiot ho sala. Most solutions lekhne KEC kai teachers haru hunn. Feri testa le lekheko solution books bata bujne chai mahan mahan mahan, mera nepal mahan haru hunn.
2)Even solution nalekhne teachers haru le pani kei sikaudaina k bhanya. Aa bhagwan, 12 lakh k ko lagi tireko.
3) Teachers ma ni nepotism xa. Half of the teacher newar haru xann, chinera rakhya manxe haru jasto. Yes you paid 12 lakhs to give employment to whatever's family members
4) Feedback kaile sundaina, kailey. 50/50 students le teacher hata bhanda ni hatayena. Ajhai padairaxa randi ko baan le. HAHA.
5) Not all of course, but most friends can be absolute cunts specially in the earlier semesters. If you study well, you are a competition to scholarship, if you don't do it, nb gives a fuck. It is like you are living in a paradox.
6)Youtube ko khatepatey le padako bhar ma koi skilled manpower banera niskinna. To learn YOU NEED A GOOD TEACHER. Book padera sable bujhne bhako bhaye college kina banauna paryo. The job of teacher is to explain the book.
7)Loss of 4 years of life and waste of extra 1/2 years trying to clear the backlogs.
8)Yo book sarne teachers ko barema Pulchowk ko HOD le lekhya book, PhD garya buda le lekhya book, kei gatilo hola ni ta bhanera 700 halera kineko. Abey, A-Z sarya xa euta book bata. Haina PHD garya manxe lai ni book chorera lekhna parne hunxa ra bhanya? PHD garya manxe lai ta knowledge hunxa hola ni afai lekhna sakne. Hey bhagwan. Hamro college ma 1-2 teachers pulchowk ma padauna nai parxan, tei bhaera pulchowk ko teachers bata thulo expectations narakhda hunxa BUT ->Teachers teach differently in private and pulchowk. There was a teacher who used to teach in pulchowk and KEC, he was telling us that he needed to teach in depth in pulchowk whereas he would teach lightly in KEC as we weren't the brightest students. -> Abey pulchowk ma padaune arko teacher ko kura garau na. Sabai sarera book lekhya xa. Bhayena book ma bhako quote suddha ni sarexa k muji le. Estai teachers haru sanga padna mann xa bhane KEC ma padda hunxa guys.
9)don't listen to people who are saying bachelors nepal ma padera gayo bhane ramro hunxa. Yetro geda hunxa.Plus 2 ko coursee sajilo xa, dherai score garna sajilo xa. Bachelor ma geda hunxa geda. Course lastai garo xa TU ko KU ko bhanda, examinations ni garo xa TU ko KU ko bhanda. But quality of teaching extremely low xa. marks kaam auxa, masters ma scholarship pauna jhan garo hunxa. majjale le 2 years loss gara SAT ma 1400 lyau, +2 ma A liyera au jun college le ni linxa. US ko 2000000 ranked college KEC bhanda better hunxa, mero guarentee. better nabhaye ni life abroad ko experience hunxa, you will mature soon. Private college ma padera Masters ma ramro desh, ramro college ma scholarship or even without scholarship janxu bhanne sapana nadekda hunxa babu. HAHA. HAAHAHAHAHA. PIDA xa HAJUR.
10)Never listen to anyone who says mero private college ma ramro padai hunxa. Problem isn't KEC, problem is non rewarding education/teaching sector of Nepal.
11)Aru college ko student union le students ko faida ko laagi kk garira hunxa. KEC ma(I bet every private college ma), student union lai college le kinxa. Kei students ko faida ko laagi bolna sakdaina. Uniharuko hawa hawa kura ko laagi class bunk garauna lagauxa tetti ho. Ekdam incompetent xa. tei bhaera ni college ma man pari chaliraxa. College lai kei pressure nai xaina.
12)Ma ta book bata padxu sabai Geda padxau. Reader's block bhanne hudoraixa, certain point of time paxi timle jati pade ni bujdainau. Kinaki reader's block is real stuff. +2 ma padda sabai youtube bata herera padda lagya hola, youtube bata self study garxu ni. GEDA. engineering is fucking difficult to teach, youtube ma padaune bhanya paat paat teachers haru le ho mostly. mostly paddai garya students haru le afno notes padne ho youtube ma. +2 ma jasto expert expert le padaudaina youtube ma.
13)Afai padne ho Geda ho geda. Afai padne bhane school college teachers fees kina tirna paryo? Exceptions to the rule-: and many more exceptions as I have mentioned in my past posts. But honestly, those students who I have kept in exceptions could have done even better if they studied in other colleges than KEC. Solutions books are useful for students who are reading it just to practice their already known concepts. I am not one of them, that is why I put a disclaimer of exception.
14)50% ko ni engineering 4 barsa ma katdaina private college ma. they are that bad 70% students euta subject ma fail huda ni tyo teacher le padauna pairako hunxa Private ma padne students ko attitude ni thik hunna. teachers haru bata sakdo faida linu, college bata padna ko lagi faida linu, extra class lagaunu, tutorial class lagaunu ko satta ultai bunk garna ma matrai tallin hunxan Private college ma padnu(unless you are in exceptions) back ko bhari afno tauko ma boknu saraha ho Private ma bachelor garera masters ma scholarship payera padna jane sapana naliye ni hunxa. LOL. master ma kunai gatilo desh le full fee ma ni JUST APPROVE gardiye ni khusi huna parne abastha aunasakxa.LOL Private college are there to ruin your life by looting your money, don't join them Even if teaching is low quality everywhere, choose the cheapest option if you are hell bent on doing engineering in Nepal, but I won't suggest to do engineering or fuck engineering any degree in Nepal(even if you don't want to stay abroad
15)Wrong padauxa teacher le This is even worse than bad teaching. Concepts nai wrong padauxan bey. Esto parale lol k hunxa habigat? Esai ta gatilo padaunnan padako ni wrong padauxan lol. Yestai kura ma mazza lagxa bhane join KEC. How tf do half of these teachers got the job even after showing their notes/slides. And who tf approved them?
16) if you ask questions to teachers, some of the teachers decrease your internal marks. LOL. this is how bad this college is. Students are afraid to ask questions to teachers because they think their internal marks will be decreased and they used to ask me to ask questions to you can imagine how bad this college is. Qns sodda internal marks ghataune. Tyo pani 12 lakh liyepaxi.
17)But sad reality is that I know more than most of my teachers who are teaching me. Now just imagine yourself in your situation where you know more than your teachers when you are not a genius.
18)Katipaya teachers students sanga competition garna khojxa. Students ko bhalo hos bhanne chahanna. Euta sir thiyo, khali students lai "dherai padna hunna" "pass bhaye pugxa" dherai padna hunna bhanera misguide garthyo. yo college ko chairman khaali ayera "are you doing the right thing" matra bhanxa, kei gardaina students ko faida ko lagi yo college din dahadai lutpat ho. Believe me. Yo college na kunai private college, sabai dindahadai ko lutpat ho. Nepal ma engineering padauna capable janasakti nai xaina. Jo capable xa uuu nepal ma basnai chahanna, teacher bhaye ni baru US aus, Canada mai hunxa....
19)45 hrs ko course 20 hrs ma padayera sakauxan lol. ani kasari bujhinxa ta teti xito xito padayesi. euta 45 hrs ko class 6 hrs ma padayera bhayo.
20) ajha yo kura ta birsinai bhayena ni...course ko suru mai teachers haru most le bhanxa, timiharulai pass hune gari padaune ho re...AA lol randi ko ban. Aa muji lado chikne randi ko xora...aa muji khate haru. tero baule 12 lakh 32 lyaera pass garna lai dya ho muji? College ko name kina engineering college rakhna paryo mfer. engineering College haina institute banaye bhai halyo ni pass garaune institute(feri pass ni garauna sakdaina k AA BHAGWAN MARO MUJHE.. KASTO KHATEY COLLEGE MA PADEXU YAAR)
21)70% qns fixed hunxa k ioe ma. LOL. testo huda ni private ma 70% students fail hunxan. Hey bhagwan. Esto ni katai hunxa. garo subject ta padaunai sakdainan. Esto haaso lagxa malai. Wrong question chinnai sakdainan sir le. HAHA. 12 lakh esaiko lagi tireko muji ranmaya. Chikni muji KEC....khatey muji LOOT garis taile mero zindagi KEC. fuck you kec
22) Don't think you will reach anywhere in life by graduating with 60% in engineering. LOL that is the story of half of my classmates in KEC. I honestly don't know what kinds of jobs take kids with 60% in engineering as it is clear that they don't have enough fundamentals for job(exceptions are there, one of my bro graduated with 60% and is placed on 100K per month in Nepal fucking unbelivable).
If you want to do masters in good college, LOL. Kei comments nagarau hola. But don't lose hope, there is an option, work fucking hard, get a job, make decent money and apply for full fee.
23)yo just pass hunalai padaune ho ra bhanya
.32 lyauna lai tero bau le 12 lakh bujhako ho? ani fundamentals ma 32 lyaera pass garya student kun chai workforce ma kaam garna sakxa .manxe ko zindagi nai barbad gardiyo yo randi ko xora haru le...fuck you fuck you......esto beijat xa yaar, teacher bhanda student badi janne HEY BHAGWAN....esto ni katai hunxa(ma genius bhako bhaye ni euta kura, kec ma padne bhanesi ma genius of course haina, pulchowk thapathali ma padne haru genius hunn..aa bhagwan ...kei effort nai xaina k, kei pani effort xaina teaching ma**
24)Esto parale 4 barsa ma engineering ta katdaina sure ho.
25) Choose the college not the degree Don’t miss this
The reason why students like me end up in private engineering college is because we want to do certain engineering degree but our rank can’t get it. That is why we end up in private engineering college. My post is targeted for only these types of students I am saying time and again because it is very important to say this. This post is not for any aaire gaires out there. It is specific for a group of students. Whatever I said here won’t be valid for another group of students, so you might think I am lying here.
Why choose college not degree? Because good college can make you interested, excel, passionate about a degree that you don’t even want to do. Can get industrial engineering in thapthali do that instead of doing civil engineering in KEC. industrial engineering ni mechanical jastai ho, khaali name ma industrial xa so many top students don’t go for that degree.
26) Copy checking in IOE is the biggest joke ever. LOL. In objective subjects, no issues. But in subjective subjects, they won't give you marks if you have written something by reading tons of books and good resources. LOL. Pulchowk notes ko answer lekheu bhane matra full ma full auxa, tyo trash pulchowk note, 2 takke ka notes. LOL. Testo padera engineer hunu parena hajur malai chai. HAHA.
27) Source of knowledge of KEC students in System inception solution manuals. I honestly don't know how the fuck are they understanding from that book with such huge amount of mistakes in that book. I honestly respect those students. They are the gems, geniuses who can understand that book.
28) Respect anyone who has scored 80% consistently from any private college. Government college ma you get better teachers(if you don't agree, please join KEC for 1 year and compare it yourself. PS teachers are relative and subjective student to student as well. There was one of my friends whose name was Lead(Studies in pulchowk. giving you guys a hint LOL). He told us that he completed the course of 2nd year of engineering when he was studying in class 10. LOL. Gf ko dudh chusne umer ma(LOL jk but tannai gf haru thiye LOL not flexing) he was studying 2nd year of engineering course. Just imagine what he might be thinking of pulchowk teachers if they just taught him the course materials. it is fucking easy to score 80% from government college. You have good library resources, good friend circle, and if you are lucky, better teachers than KEC or any private college. I know I hate KEC but I have huge huge respect for all my friends who are consistenly getting 80% from KEC. No matter how they get it, by studying solution manuals, pulchowk note or whatever. They are fucking genius.
29) Good teachers are fucking subjective gede bhai haru. I am saying KEC ko teachers le reply dinna qns ko. LOL but 90% of students never start studying 3 days before exams, and they don't need that. I am saying library khate patey xa, but 90% of KEC students never read textbook. System inception jindabad. HAHA.
30) I have 0 confidence that with this quality of education, I can survive in workforce. I am going to be jobless forever with this kind of education. I falled so low man, so low. I have no hopes about future. I have lost all my self esteem, confidence, guts to do sth. It has been bad to that extent that I have to seek mental health support. I honestly don't think I will get any job forget US or foreign countries lol..even in u/difrpodcast 's cOmPAnY after graduating from KEC. No fucking way. I am becoming engineer in the name only. I just wasted 4 years of my life in bad education, wasted my time, valuable part of life. Wasted my last years of education. K garne aba maile madarchod haru? Esto education degree liyera ma kata bikxu core engineering jobs ma? Euta bhai le bhandai thiyo "over expectations". LOL...K ho overexpectations bhanya? Engineering college ma engineering ko padai huna paryo bhannu overexpectations HO? Aa kando muji bhai chus mero, talai mero kati tauko futya xa thaha xaina khatey ko xora. Bhak muji. So fucking sad, and here are people who joke in this? HAHA, you fuckers who are having it easy in KU or Government college, bau ko bihe masters ma dekxas khatey haru. Mero KU bata top garera US gako dai le bhandai thiyo, afai learn garna sikiyena college ma, sabai teachers ko bhar ma pariyo, aile gaand fatya xa re. Badi hero nabha khatey ko xora sabka number aayega...Mero majak na-uda muji laudasur....Bhak muji khatey haru...Dailai dhog...Etro kura tero bau le ni share gardinna.
And this is someone who has put lots of works outside of class, and studied a lots of things on my own. I like the confidence of my friends who have panel in every semesters, ignorance is a bliss LOL.
31) 50% ko 4 years ma katdaina KEC ma. Guarenteed ho. Not a joke. Take it seriously. Jabaki maile bhandaixu just pass huna is fucking easy in TU, mastering is what is hard due to low quality teaching.
I am fucking suicidal due to all these.
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